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18 March 2016
I have been diagnosed with depression since 2005, and I have seen 3 psychiatrists where I tried a few medications . In 01/02/2016, I ran into a problem with the landlord. I stopped paying rent for 2 weeks, so he gave me an eviction letter. So I contacted the Department of Housing (Housing NSW) office, and they asked me for my medical form, eviction letter, and bank statement.

In 20/02/2017, I went to the Housing Department Office, met the officer there where a person behind a counter received my bank statement, eviction letter, proof of my income which was a disability support pension (mental health illness, depression) and medical form filled by my JP stating that I have depression plus I wrote a statement, that I will come to this office for help because I'm sick and I'm tired of living in shared accommodation (sharing facilities ,shower,toilette, laundry with others) and I'm thinking of suicide, that time for real - I thought about ending my life.

The person behind counter read the statement, checked the other documents and said that's OK. I said I got till 01/03/2017. He replied it's OK. I went with no information or advice at all (he does not care at all).

In 01/03/2017 in the morning, I went to the same office. It was my bad luck that I found that they had a meeting till 11 am. I waited till 11 am when the meeting ended and I met another person. She said the Department of Housing cannot do anything. You have to call link to home (this number), she gave me a phone number, I called but my depression kicked in (i have a problem with uncontrolled crying pseudobulbar). I started crying then I felt ashamed and embarrassed so I ran outside
Outside I called link to home from my mobile but the sickness got worse. I just kept crying and I even cried on phone with the person on phone from link to home, I was very sad and depressed. My anxiety kicked in and I hung up on that person from link to home in the middle of the interview after she took my details.

I stayed homeless, slept in the car and on the third of March at 6 pm, I went to Concord hospital emergency where they took me to the mental clinic there from 03/03/2017 till 17/03/2017.

Today the 21/03/2017, I went to the Department of Housing Office, and in my mind to try and explain to them that I'm not making it up or faking this sickness to get accommodation, taking with me my medical certificate from Concord Mental Clinic plus contact details if the housing department went to check it out. I also took contact details for community mental health of the area I live in.

But I was shocked that the person I saw do not want to look to what I have. I even wrote a letter explaining that I have had depression for long time and I'm not lying or pretending. All I get from that person is what's your income. You can go and rent in private.

I said read my letter, check my medical certificate. She said I will get the manager for you.

The manager came and I got the same response. You have disability support pension, you can afford rent of up to 280$ a week. I tried explain to her that its not enough because there are other expenses like electricity, food, clothing. She said it's enough.

I got upset. My depression kicked in and I started to cry. I felt embarrassed and humiliated so I ran away...

I went to see a social worker at Centrelink at 4:30 pm. They told me to come back tomorrow. I left and again I called link to home, talked to them while crying. They said someone from the department of housing called the community mental health and they will check on you tomorrow.

i just want to know if its possible to take it to the court.


Well-Known Member
31 October 2015
Hi Zaine,

I'm sorry I had trouble following your story. I don't think you have grounds to take the Department of Housing to court and besides what would you hope to achieve? The department of Housing have specialist help for those suffering mental health issues and I believe they were trying to put you in contact with them.

The following link has a phone number if the details on the page are relevant: Housing NSW - Sydney and South Eastern Sydney Districts Single Persons Homelessness Support Service – Mental Health

The other thing to note is that if they advise you of something you think is not fair or just they have a complaint escalation pathway:

If you don't feel they adequately deal with the matter you could contact their regulatory Authority below:

Registrar of Community Housing

The Registrar of Community Housing is the regulatory authority for community housing providers in NSW. The Registrar does not provide accommodation and is unable to assist with accommodation requests. To enquire about accommodation, please contact 1800 422 322.