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Social security, in Australia, refers to a system of social welfare payments provided by Australian Government to eligible Australian citizens, permanent residents, and limited international visitors. These payments are almost always administered by Centrelink, a program of Services Australia. In Australia, most payments are means tested.

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    VIC 50% Child Support Questions?

    My daughter has recently had a final hearing gaining 50% custody of children of her daughter. My daughter is currently on Centrelink Newstart allowance, paying child support every fortnight as her daughter lives with her non-biological father, as well as caring for her the time she is in her...
  2. K

    NSW Employment Law Queries as a Client of a Job Provider?

    Hi, I have a few questions, beginning with the present and proceeding to one from past employment in 1997. Firstly, if an individual is a client of a Job Provider and the Job Provider has on their books, an employer seeking "casual" employees in After School Child Care for a prominent and...
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    NSW Harassment Case Against MAX Employment and Centrelink?

    Hi, I'm currently on Newstart Allowance with Centrelink and have been on a rolling medical certificate since approximately June 2015 with chronic migraines, depression and PTSD. In this period I have been in hospital 4 times (I'm currently in hospital now). Despite being on a medical...
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    VIC HECS Debt Due to Incompetence - What to Do?

    In late 2012, I was unemployed and living in Tasmania. The employment agency that I was assigned to by Centrelink recommended that I undertake further study and explored my strengths. I already have a teaching degree that I obtained in 2010, but could only get the odd casual relief. As I had...
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    VIC Denied from Newstart Allowance - What to Do?

    In a case where Centrelink will not provide a Newstart Allowance due to an individual living with their girlfriend because her assets were greater than the allowed amount. If an individual is not on the girlfriend's will, does that hold any value in a case against this?
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    VIC Financial Hardship Requirement for Early Superannuation Release?

    I was turned down recently for early release of superannuation based on financial hardship. Apparently, I don't meet the Australian citizenship requirement to continue receiving a Newstart allowance for longer than six months partly because I'm a kiwi who arrived in 2002. Before that, my...
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    QLD Will Marrying Non-Permanent Resident Affect Newstart Allowance?

    If a Newstart Allowance / Age Pension recipient marries a non-permanent resident, how will that affect his/her Newstart Allowance / Age Pension payment?
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    QLD Superannuation and Centrelink Newstart Allowance?

    My partner of thirty years is claiming Newstart Allowance. As a consequence I have been approached by Centrelink to supply information on all my financial funds. I have also been unemployed since September 2014. I was going to transfer money from my superannuation account at the bank to my...
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    WA Settled Credit Card Debt and Debt Collectors?

    Almost two years ago I was retrenched from a high paying job leaving me with considerable credit card debt. Rather than collect the "dole" I decided to live entirely on personal savings and draw downs on my superannuation to maintain my lifestyle whilst looking for work - which never eventuated...