WA Difference in Names in Birth Certificate, Licence, Insurance - Statutory Declaration?

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24 June 2014
Good Morning,

When I moved to Australia my name in 1962 Michel was changed at my school to Michael.

All my insurances, superannuation and medicare etc are in the name of Michael not Michel.

I moved to Western Australia 2 years ago and changed my drivers licence, the licensing department required a copy of my birth certificate (Michel) they would not accept my South Australian licence with the name of Michael.

My birth certificate and Australian citizenship and now my Western Australian drivers licence are in the name of Michel.

My Question is if I were to die how much difficulty would my wife and family experience with the claim process of Insurance companies with the different spelling of my first name? Do I need to register a statutory declaration or some other sort of documentation to elevate this issue.


Tim W

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28 April 2014
It is always a good idea to write to your super fund, insurer, and whoever else, and formally advise them by what name you want to be known.

You can solve this. It is not complex, but will require some effort on your part.

First - decide what you want your name to be.
Can be your birth name.
Can be, but does not have to be the one the nuns gave you in 1962.

Second - if you need to, do a formal name change in Western Australia.
Among other things, they will issue you with the relevant documents.
There will be fees involved.

Then contact (by which I mean "write to") each institution
and formally advise them of your name.
They will probably require certified copies of your name documents.