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  1. ameliab

    Medicare - how to add a partner from overseas?

    Hi, I am from Poland and on a Bridging visa waiting for my New Zealand family relationship visa. My partner is from New Zealand and has Medicare. We are in a registered de facto relationship. Is there any way he can link me/add me to his Medicare so I can get an access to those services?
  2. coparentingisnotfun

    NSW Affidavit - Mother Won't Allow Me to Give Daughter Medicine?

    Hi all, Has anyone faced this issue before? I'm currently co-parenting with my ex-partner with 2 kids aged 6 and 8. Their mother has a degree in Naturopathy so she is educated in the health space to some extent. My daughter is often sick and her mother won't allow me to give her any medicine...
  3. N

    NSW Getting a Birth Certificate for Grandson?

    My daughter needs to get her son (almost 3) a birth certificate, but the ex-partner, who is named on the registration form won’t provide an I.D. for the application. Without a birth certificate, she can’t have his name put on a Medicare card or enrol him in child care or even see a doctor. How...
  4. M

    VIC Used Wife's Concession Myki by Mistake - Consequences?

    Hi, Last week, it was a busy week where I have carried multiple myki's where one belongs to my wife who is has a Concession card. Somehow my pass on the other normal card expired on the same day and somehow I used my wife's one that day and got caught with the Myki officials. I was not able to...
  5. B

    NSW Exact Wording for Subpoena to Medicare?

    Hi there, I am wanting to know the exact wording that is required when submitting a subpoena to medicare, e.g. requesting all file notes, appointments, etc., so that I may then send off requests to individual drs/ psychologists, etc listed in those reports. Does anyone have a standard...
  6. A

    VIC Support After Injuries During Car Accident?

    The situation: My daughter was involved in a car accident, in which she was a passenger, on December 26th 2017. She is a British Citizen residing in Melbourne while studying Business Management on a Student visa, allowing her 20 hours of paid employment per week as a Personal Training. She...
  7. A

    NSW Separation but Living under the Same Roof?

    Hi all, I am so glad I found this thread. Last July, I decided to I want a divorce from my husband, but we are still living in an apartment (2-bedder) together. My friends are aware of my decision and they know that we have had problems for years and rarely did we show up in friends get...
  8. P

    NSW Legal Recourse for Independent Contractor in a Medical Centre?

    I am a qualified Podiatrist and entitled to use the title Doctor. I work as an independent contractor at various medical centres. Last week, without any warning, the practice manager at one such centre, for the first time since I was employed there, called me into a staff meeting. Present was...
  9. S

    NSW Should I Include Medicare Compensation to My Claim?

    I just received the deed of release for a claim I have made against a surgeon for performing the wrong surgery on me. If I understand correctly, because my settlement is over $5K, I have to pay Medicare back for the services that were provided. Should I have included this amount in my claim?
  10. I

    ACT How to Become a Legal Guardian Under Family Law?

    My husband and I have two kids in our care. Our 4-year-old niece and 5-year-old nephew. We have had them since Dec 2015. Their parents are separated. The father wants us to keep the children and does not want them returned to the mother as she has had suicide attempts, depression (doesn't take...