QLD Caught Shoplifting at Coles - What to Do?

Discussion in 'Criminal Law Forum' started by Tracey3406, 19 September 2018.

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    19 September 2018
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    I was very stupidly caught shoplifting today at a Coles. I had left the store and two plain clothed men stopped me on the escalator. They identified themselves as Coles security. They told me I wouldn’t be in any trouble, they just wanted their goods back. We stopped at the landing and they took the items from my trolly and looked through all my other bags.

    They then asked for my name. I said “I really don’t want to get in any trouble” and they said if I didn’t comply, they could call the police. Then they asked for my ID, I hesitated and they said, alternatively they could get my ID from CCTV of my car and have police at my house before I got home. I reluctantly gave them my ID and they took a photo of both sides and asked if I was still at the address listed, I said yes.

    They then let me go but now I’m absolutely terrified that I’m going to get a knock at my door and possibly arrested? Does anyone know why they took my ID and what I should expect now? I have young children and I’m so embarrassed to tell my family.
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    5 January 2018
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    It's a stupid mistake for sure, but I doubt you will get a knock on the door, if they wanted to to that, they would have called the police on the spot. They took your ID for the future, if you shoplift again at coles (or other branch) then you would be in formal trouble. Count yourself lucky as this was a warning. I am surprised that they did not ask you to sign that you should not come back to the store again, if you do, be very careful not to do anything or give them an excuse to call the cops as a mistake could be considered as an intentional act (I mean forgetting to scan an item for example although a honest mistake but could be considered that you did that on purpose).
    Just be careful and it is not worth the hassle of shoplifting.
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  3. Tim W

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    28 April 2014
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    You have been roundly abused by the security people, who have far exceeded their authority.
    That said, if anything was going to happen, then it would have happened on the day.

    They probably took your ID for two reasons
    • they wanted to intimidate you; and
    • they probably keep a private black list of frequent flyer offenders.
    That stuff about getting your ID from the CCTV is probably a lie,
    again, intended to intimidate you.

    Now, here's a thing.
    Shoplifting is sometimes a symptom of something else (that is, something medical),
    rather than being criminality per se.
    Get yourself to a psychiatrist for a check up.
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  4. DMLegal

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    28 May 2018
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    I have a good friend who does the same job in Western Australia. Apparently the Company he works for is nationwide so the security staff who spoke with you may very well work for the same company. I asked him what the procedure was, he said the ID is simply for an 'internal' Coles report and that if Police were going to be contacted you would have been asked to wait with them at the time. Police are never contacted after the incident, at least in Western Australia. Indeed it seems, as Tim has already said, the security staff exceeded their authority by demanding identification.

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