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A question is an utterance which typically functions as a request for information, which is expected to be provided in the form of an answer. Questions can thus be understood as a kind of illocutionary act in the field of pragmatics or as special kinds of propositions in frameworks of formal semantics such as alternative semantics or inquisitive semantics. Questions are often conflated with interrogatives, which are the grammatical forms typically used to achieve them. Rhetorical questions, for example, are interrogative in form but may not be considered true questions as they are not expected to be answered. Conversely, non-interrogative grammatical structures may be considered questions as in the case of the imperative sentence "tell me your name".

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  1. M

    VIC CSA - When other parent not following orders - has asked CSA to pay 'actual' care

    Hello, I'm waiting for mediation but in the mean time, the ex is not following parenting orders. She has applied to CSA for actual care despite FCC orders being in place. CSA say they will act on actual care... Any advice? Mediation is still months away.
  2. S

    QLD can this case be kicked out?

    i was on my eskateboard in the city and crossed the road to another corner and travelled down the road using the pavement turning at the next corner i entered a car park adjacent to a Hungry Jacks. I stopped to take a call. spoke for a min if that then i carried on my journey. As i left the car...
  3. foxdie222

    QLD Stood down and been asked for show cause notice for being late

    Hello fellow members, I have been stood down from my position and asked for a show cause notice by my employer to convince them why they shouldn't terminate my employment. Reason is I was late to start by 10 t0 15 mins on 15 different occasions over a period of 3 months. This has not affected...
  4. A

    QLD Asked to include other parties solicitor in all correspondence?

    Hi All of a sudden ex has asked that from now on their solicitor be included in all correspondence regarding our children. We have been going through court since 2018. I feel this is unnecessary and as the solicitor is Legal Aid funded, it is a waste of funding. can anyone tell me if this is...
  5. Jax86

    Strata Fence: Being asked to change a fence erected by Previous owner

    Hi, We have lived in our strata house for just under 2 years and today received a request as follows: Remove and replace front side fence (approx 1 x 2.0 covers bin area) as it does not comply with the current strata required fencing style and was not approved by strata. Is this correct? do we...
  6. D

    QLD Shoplifting at coles. Asked to return items. Will they take further actions?

    Hi All. My query relates to being caught shoplifting at Coles recently, value totalling about $40.00 AUD. A regular staff member at checkout asked to check my bag just AFTER I paid for a few items using my bank card and loyalty card. I agreed to let her check my bag and she asked me whether I...
  7. Ashwin

    VIC Its developer's problem but I have to pay more for the retainer and fence.

    Hi I really need some advice on this. In my area both houses are new built but my house is built lower then the next door house in which the builder has raised the soil to build the house. The next door builder is saying that my builder has built the house lower it's his problem so you are to...
  8. J

    VIC Relocation repayments

    hi, My company asked for me to relocate from Tas to Vic 5 months ago. I was asked to make a decision within 48 hours. Once we decided we would move the company set about arranging a third party to organize the move for us. A few weeks later I was then advised of the clause that if I was to...
  9. T

    VIC Amending a statement of claim

    I am a self-represented plaintiff, the defendant's solicitor asked me to amend parts of the statement of claim as they were "unintelligible" and so I did. Court said I have to get his consent, although I already had it written from him. He did not provide consent, so I have asked for relief to...
  10. M

    VIC Noise on Kia sorrento

    Hi , I bought a new car from kia dealership a year ago , shortly after I noticed a noise which I asked them to look at when they did the free service , they did not find anything. The noise is intermittent for the last year so again at the next service asked them to look at noise which now they...