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They is the third-person plural personal pronoun (subjective case) in Modern English. It is also used with singular meaning, sometimes to avoid specifying the gender of the person referred to: see gender neutrality in language.

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  1. pdxfingerprinting

    Is a fingerprint background check equal to an FBI background check? If so, then will they see my erased criminal records?

    A fingerprint background check is not exactly the same as an FBI background check, but they are related processes. A fingerprint background check involves comparing an individual's fingerprints against a database of fingerprints to verify identity and check for a criminal history. This process...
  2. ksivasub

    VIC What does it mean when a Business wanted me to withdraw complaints against them and in return they give me small amount.

    Hello everyone, A real estate business owes me a significant amount, $150k. Recently, their real estate agent approached me to withdraw my complaints filed against them with government bodies. In return, the real estate business proposes to pay me a smaller amount of $50k. Upon successful...
  3. M

    VIC Sold a horse float privately 4 weeks ago, now they want a refund?

    I sold a horse float a month ago (they paid cash) now she has texted me saying that she has had it checked over and it has significant rust and is unsafe. She said she wants to arrange to bring it back because it is unfit for the purpose it was sold for. My question is, what is my legal...
  4. Harry supak

    SA Defamation. I lost a case as could not afford a lawyer

    My neighbours blamed .e for a carpet beetle infestation of their unit whi h had nothing to do with me want compensation from me as I would not pay they started harassing my family filming us made numerous false affidavits to police. Had me arrested charged on their lies. Defending this cost...
  5. G

    VIC The lawyer who prepared my parents Will is a sibling, Is this a conflict of interest as they are also a beneficiary of the Will?

    The lawyer who prepared my parents Will & POS is my sibling. Is this a conflict of interest as they are also a beneficiary of the Will? My sibling & I do not get along and I have concerns on what could happen after my parents have passed away that the situation will get messy. I am to be...
  6. Z

    NSW If a person does not have your last name, can they serve you?

    Just a simple question, we have a former neighbour harrassing us over a dispute from last year, he has only our first name and address but does not have any of our other details apart from phone number of my wife. The police have been involved due to his behavior and threats twice now and he...
  7. M

    VIC Parking fine - how long do they have to respond?

    Hi, If you ask for a review of a council parking fine - how long do they have to respond, before the matter becomes void? I remember reading an article here a couple of years ago that if they didn't respond within 60 or 90 days, your fine gets cancelled... Does anyone know the exact rule for...
  8. M

    Extra duties - employed as Instructor, they want to use me as IT practitioner

    Hello A couple of issues. I work for a multinational conglomerate providing instructing services to a huge govt. department. I am employed as an IT instructor. I have several formal quals in IT. Issue 1: Now 8 months in they tell me they want me to service and maintain the customers IT...
  9. T

    NSW Can I summon a solicitor to produce a statement they provided legal advice?

    I'm an owner in a strata building and last year the executive committee got legal advice on problem with the building. The thing is they don't want to tell anyone the outcome as it probably puts them in bad light since they're responsible for the problem. I've since filed an NCAT application...
  10. T

    VIC What are the legal implications if I make a fake Instagram account with my girlfriend's name and try to make a certain guy confess that they had sex?

    Is it illegal if I have gotten his Instagram account from her Instagram by going through her phone?