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Discussion in 'Family Law Forum' started by Patience, 13 July 2018.

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    Hi all,
    I’ve had unsupervised time with my 2yo since late last year, it’s only 1 x day on the weekend for 6 hours. Handovers take place in the carpark of a fast food outlet. For the most part handovers had been fairly amicable, however, once I filed an additional application a few months ago for additional time and overnights (tried to negotiate this out of court but was opposed) things have started to go downhill. The other parent has now resorted to filming handovers with a dash cam and using subtle tactics to upset the child when he’s being handed to me resulting in him now getting a bit upset and not willingly wanting to goto me anymore. Once the mother leaves he’s fine and goes back to how he normally is and is happy to be with me.
    Usually the child is very reluctant to goto the mother when it’s time for me to hand him back as well, this happens quite often and when it does I’m happy to put the child in her car and assist with him helping him settle down, when it’s the other way round the mother just stands in front of the camera and looks upset whilst I’m walking away with the child, she makes no attempts to come and help him settle. Which is fine as he settles down quickly anyway.
    The mother has threatened to use this footage at trial, should I be concerned about this?
    I’m thinking about proposing a new way of carrying out handovers e.g meet at a park where the child can play and run around prior to going to each parent, rather than being forced to be handed over in a busy carpark in front of a camera. Naturally, the mother will oppose this suggestion, so I’m thinking this will be evidence that I can use to show the court that the mother is happy to continue to cause distress to the child and not be prepared to act in his best interest etc

    Any help with this much appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    2 yr old child - you should be looking at overnight care to start soon.
    worry about the footage? hell no. courts are not intersted in silly games. 2 yr old child crying and having a tantrum - it is called the terrible 2's for a reason.
    Propose alternate ways of doing change over - good idea. Dont worry if she refuses.
    Ask her to stop filiming - if you want but the laws around filming people without consent are problematic, that is why stupid tv shows get away with it. So you can ask her but if she refueses what are you gonna do? So play nice. I used to like hamming it up for the camera. Hi EX, Gee you're looking good, have you lost weight, is that a new camera? With hingsight not a great idea, but making humour out of it made me feel a bit in control.

    Don't bother playing her games. Be calm and don't worry too much about evidence. The most important evidence is 1. Best interest of he kid. and it is assumed that means having a meaningful relationship with both parents. and 2. That you can effectively co-parent.

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