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    NSW Possession of Drugs with No Conviction - Effects on Employment?

    Hi, I was caught with possession of drugs a few years ago. I got no conviction, good behaviour for 12 months, no fine and just had to pay a court fee. I am now trying to enrol in prac for my masters degree and I had some setbacks with my blue card with the incident but it was approved and they...
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    QLD Will DVO Affect My Profession and Blue Card?

    Hi Folks, Background: My wife and I have been having problems for about a year, and there are always two sides to every coin. I was fighting the "black dog" and chronic back pain for the last half of this year. She has always enjoyed a wine or two but then it started getting serious when...
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    QLD How Long will Offence Stay on Police Check?

    Hi, 8 years ago, I had an over PMT from Centrelink. I did go to court but there was no conviction and the debit has been paid in full. I was working in a role in 2013 and had to obtain a blue card do a check was done and there were no problems. I have recently started looking for work and...
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    QLD How to Deal with Domestic Violence Order and False Accusations?

    I have had a DVO (Domestic Violence Order) put on me from someone I was trying to help out and I was not in a relationship with this person but still had a DVO put on me. She has lied on the DVO stating that we rented a house together and that we were in a relationship. She was staying with me...
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    QLD Father's Concern Over Au Pair and Child Supervision

    I have a friend, who is a bit confused as to what to do. He is concerned that the mother of his child (result of a one night stand where the relationship ended prior to her finding out that she was pregnant), is not putting the correct checks in place to protect his child. What's more, when he...