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Discovered in 1893 by Swiss-born cardiologist and anatomist Wilhelm His Jr., the bundle of His (BH) or His bundle (HB) ( "hiss") is a collection of heart muscle cells specialized for electrical conduction. As part of the electrical conduction system of the heart, it transmits the electrical impulses from the AV node (located between the atria and the ventricles) to the point of the apex of the fascicular branches via the bundle branches. The fascicular branches then lead to the Purkinje fibers, which provide electrical conduction to the ventricles, causing the cardiac muscle of the ventricles to contract at a paced interval.

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  1. J

    VIC Fencing notice given to neighbour not included in his contract of sale or section 32

    Hi, my neighbour responded to my fencing notice October 2022 insisting a boundary survey be done before replacing our front boundary fence that had just been replaced. I verbally agreed to his request we replace the fence with no changes at all just the same timber paling fence, and he never...
  2. Relical86

    VIC My neighbour and his worker attacked me inside my shop.

    I had had a disagreement with a neighbouring business, and whilst working the owner came and his worker walked into my shop armed with a taser and metal bar. First they tasted me in the face, before striking my head, neck, spine, and knee with the metal bar In the process I was left with severe...
  3. L

    NSW Ex Won't Remove His Car

    My ex has his car stored in my garage, it was kept there when we were together but then we broke up. He left a few months ago and his name has been removed from the lease. I asked him in writing 4 weeks ago to get the car out. The car isn't registered or drivable. Is there a way I can force him...
  4. S

    serious abusive by Father - mother and infant still being tortured by his behaviors but court doesnt care

    This is before the courts - female child under 4 the day after her second weekend including overnight with her father, disclosed in her innocents sexually inappropriate behaviors and named her father - there was also contact before and after abuse reported to child protection where father was...
  5. JJ2022

    Do I have to force my 10, 12 and 14 year old to spend time with their alcoholic Dad and his new partner

    My 12 and 14 year old do not want to spend time with their Dad. He wants me to drop them off and make them go to his apartment with his new partner. They refuse. He has passed out in front of them, is addicted to alcohol, his partner is a drinker, they don't like her, and they refuse to get...
  6. F

    VIC Joint executors and beneficiaries

    OK - The will states "I DIRECT my Trusties to sell my unit ..." (emphasis as printed) to date no probate has been applied for and the relocatable DPU resides on one 1 trustees property. There are several joint executors & trusties (they are the only beneficiaries listed and are all executors &...
  7. R

    NSW Drug court

    My partner is currently in jail for sanctions through drug court and was meant to be released on the 1 at of July but they have put his release date back to the 5 th of August due to covid even though he has done his original two weeks for sanctions are they able to keep him in this long even...
  8. S

    NSW Can a director, who is an employee of the company as well, forgo his salary for few months due to business losses incurred during pandemic period?

    Hi The director of an IT company who is an employee as well, wants to voluntarily forgo the salary (as an employee) for few months due to the business losses incurred (as there is no product sale made) during pandemic period. The business is incurring losses every month, he wants to keep paying...
  9. A

    VIC Is a tennis court fence a dividing fence ?

    Our neighbour is subdividing his backyard which includes a tennis court. The tennis court fence was setback approximately 500mm from a retaining wall. At the ends of the tennis court there was timber fencing between the retaining wall and the tennis court fence so that we effectively had a 500mm...
  10. xshellionx

    SA Is a prisoner able to apply for early release of superannuation on grounds of hardship that his wife and 2 children are experiencing?

    Hello, I am asking on behalf of my friends. Her husband is currently incarcerated in an SA correctional facility and is 21 months in to a 38 month sentence. His wife and two children aged 4 years and 6 years are financially struggling with the main concern being keeping on top of mortgage...