NSW Can Council Demand Pets Registration Receipt 15 Years Later?

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Gail Eastaway

14 January 2015
Fifteen years ago I microchipped and registered cats. The local council now says it has no record of the pets registrations (I have given them the Registration ID for each animal) and are demanding I produce a receipt for the payment of the registration. After 15 years, I no longer have that receipt, nor bank details from that time. What, if any, is the statute of limitations on personal banking details?

Tracy B

Well-Known Member
24 December 2014
Hi Gail,

I do not think Banks are obliged to keep statements of individual customers for very long. Definitely not for 15 years.

It is unreasonable for the council to demand proof of registration from owners from 15 years ago. If they are claiming you did not register the pets, then they should produce evidence to that effect. Do they even keep their records for that long? Given that you have registration IDs for each animal, there is more evidence on your side to support your claim that you did, in fact, register the pets. Is the council asking you to pay the registration fees from 15 years ago, claiming they were not paid then? If so, this would be a debt claim, and claiming debts from 15 years ago is generally statute barred and disallowed on the grounds of being oppressive and cruel.

I am not sure which state you are in, but here is a fact sheet on time-barred debt recovery from VIC: http://consumeraction.org.au/debt-collection-old-debts/