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Labour hire is a form of employment in which an employer directs their de jure employees ('labour hire employees', or 'agency workers') to perform work at an external workplace, belonging to a client of the legal employer.In a labour hire arrangement, an employee has no direct employment contract with their place of work.Labour hire is distinct from the more general practices of temporary staffing, or outsourcing; as those concepts aren't predicated on an employee not having a legal contract of employment with their workplace. It is also distinct from the concept of Independent contracting; as a contract of employment exists.

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  1. LauraMae

    QLD Labour Hire or Employed by Employer? Jobkeeper

    My friend works in the Finance team of a mid-sized business (lets call it 'milkyway') and they have payroll split into two, paying category 1 (mix of permanent full time and contract employees who are on Awards) on one day and category 2 (all permanent full time, non awards) on another, which is...
  2. W

    NSW Invoice from a Labour Hire Agency - Should I Pay?

    I applied for a machinery operator job through a labour hire agency and made it through the interview stage. In the interview, I was asked if I was under 120kgs as it was a requirement I be at or under this weight as the seats in the machinery are only rated up to 120kgs. I don't have access to...
  3. J

    VIC German Citizen Accused of Fraud - How Real are the Threats?

    Hello everyone, A friend of mine used to work for a construction Labour Hire Company in Melbourne. He's being accused of fraud. Here is the original Text message that has been send to him : "Xxx, this is XXX a Director at XXX - Labour Hire. We have discovered that you have fraudulently created...
  4. D

    WA Australian Consumer Law - Sole Trader Dispute with Strata Council?

    Hi there. I am a sole trader plasterer currently in dispute with a Strata Council with liaison being provided by their management company. Very aggressive and dismissive in conduct. The problems arose after I was asked to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish to an existing tiled facade and...
  5. S

    VIC Labour Hire Service With No Contract - How Do I Terminate?

    Hi All, Through my work, we have had a labour hire company providing staff to our workplace. They have been providing labour every day without any break in service for around 6 or 7 years. They send a roster weekly, invoice us monthly, and this just keeps rolling on. We are considering options...
  6. D

    VIC Builder Terminated - Who's Liable to Pay Our Invoices?

    We started working on a residential property after our quote being accepted by a "builder". There was no written contract and the arrangement was to invoice progressively. The first invoice was paid by the property owner - not the builder, via bank transfer. Soon after our second invoice was...