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Veda Advantage was the largest credit reference agency in Australia and New Zealand, before it was acquired by Equifax in February 2016. It provided credit reporting, credit scoring, and marketing analytics services.
The Company was previously known as Baycorp Advantage, which was a merger of Australian company Data Advantage and New Zealand Company Baycorp in 2001. The name change was prompted by the sale of the Baycorp Collection Services which will retain the Baycorp name. The name change has already been applied to its listing on the Australian Stock Exchange. Veda controlled over 85% of the credit reference market in Australia, as at 2010, holding data on 14 million people.

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  1. J

    WA Outstanding Credit Card Debt from 2014 - What to Do?

    I became aware of an outstanding credit card debt from 2014 that I truly thought had been paid off. I had found myself in a difficult financial situation towards the end of 2014 with a few outstanding debts. I had a very good friend come to my rescue at the time and generously agreed to pay...
  2. A

    SA Debtors Chasing Me but No Income - What to Do?

    A few years ago. I did some things which has now resulted in me being pursued by both Pioneer and Baycorp for about 5k in total amount owing. Pioneer approached me offering to match a payment of 750 to finalise my debt with them but that kind of money would take me probably over a year to save...
  3. P

    VIC Debt from Mystery Ambulance Ride?

    Hi guys I'm not sure if this is the right place but looking at other similar posts, it may be. So a couple of days ago, I received a letter from a debt collector (Baycorp) requesting me to call them about an urgent matter. I did so and they advised me that I had an outstanding debt of about...
  4. D

    NSW Debt Collectors Calling About Old Debt - Statute of Limitations?

    Hi, In 2008 (I believe), I changed telecommunications companies and to my knowledge settled any outstanding accounts with Optus - although continued to be an Optus customer with other services. In November last year, I was contacted by Baycorp debt collectors and asked to pay an outstanding...
  5. B

    QLD Baycorp Taking Over From GE Capital - Legal to Charge?

    Hello Baycorp (debt collectors) have taken over an account from GE Money (a division of GE Capital) and I've got a payment plan in place now but they wanted $1000 cash to stop interest being charged, but I could only come up with $500 so interest is still being charged on this debt. My question...