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  1. K

    VIC Infringement - is it allowed?

    i have a cat dog & mini horse.... a couple of council officers were doing council stuff in the nature reserve over the road...they walked past my house on their way back to the car and saw my mini horse were patting him for a while then left.... A week later I got a ph call from one of the...
  2. F

    NSW Government Agency Privacy Issues - What to Do?

    I have a privacy complaint against a government agency. The details of the actual complaint are not relevant here, but the matter relates to alleged breaches in the Health Records and Information Privacy (HRIP) Act by the agency. Although I won't go into the reasons why I believe this to be...
  3. Kerry Smyth

    NSW Can I request my data retention foot print

    Can I access what information is stored about myself with the Australian Government 'Data Retention' programme? I was looking quickly at Freedom of Information Act 1982 Sentences like this make me wonder: Some agencies, such as the six intelligence agencies, are wholly exempt from the FOI...
  4. Edgeman

    NSW Ex-employer accessing personal email account

    Hi, Just wondering if this is legal (I assume not). I left a company a couple of weeks ago (external contractor) and found today that my personal google mail account has been accessed from machines on my previous employer's network, earlier today. Google clearly shows the machine name and...
  5. Y

    Homework Question - Functional Difference Between the Australian Privacy Principles?

    As the heading said, I am confused about the difference between the Australian Privacy Principles 10 and 13? On the Australian Government website, the key points for APP 10 states: "An APP entity must take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information it uses and discloses is, having...