NSW Application Under Freedom of Information Act to RSPCA NSW

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simon jasper

22 May 2015
I need to obtain a record from the RSPCA NSW in order to identify the "anonymous" person who is continuing to call various organisations in order to harass me. All the organisations inform me that they will not inform me of the name of the person as they wished to be anonymous. However, the police who attended my house last night (after the last batch of stickers were plastered all over the front of my house as I wasn't home) informed me that if I were to obtain the details of this person, the police will be able to inform them that to continue to make these calls will be harassment.

Does anyone know how to apply for the RSPCA NSW to release this persons identity? Freedom of Information Act? Having to remove stickers and repaint my front door as the stickers remove the paint is becoming a joke. The ironic thing is that with the RSPCA I don't even own an animal.


You can make a Freedom of Information Application to the RSPCA to obtain copies of any records that they hold, however they still may be unable to provide the name of the person, as it may breach their privacy policy and relevant privacy laws to do so. So you may receive teh documents you seek but the personal information of the individual will be blacked out.

I would call them and see if they can provide you with a freedom of information application form if they have one, otherwise you can simply write them a letter outlining your request under the Freedom of Information Act. You can read more about it here:About FOI - OAIC