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  1. S

    QLD Neighbour Placing Signs of Complaint - What to Do?

    Hi there. I have a neighbour who has placed numerous signs in her front yard telling passing traffic that my dog makes "blood curdling crying" noises day and night. Funnily we have never heard this alleged noise. We are both animals lovers and would take action immediately if we thought our dog...
  2. M

    QLD Charity Almost Closed Down Due to Defamation through Social Media

    I am here to be sent in the correct direction in regards to the last 2 years of hell I have suffered which is mainly defamation online through social media, e.g. Facebook. I have children and a farm and it began with social slander and bullying and facebook messages being sent to me telling me...
  3. John R

    Breed-specific legislation for dogs - RSPCA says pointless

    These laws have been around for almost a decade in some parts of Oz. How much will rate payers pay for councils to keep challenging laws that the RSPCA say are pointless vs mitigation of dog attacks? "Councils are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars defending court cases brought by dog...
  4. S

    NSW Application Under Freedom of Information Act to RSPCA NSW

    I need to obtain a record from the RSPCA NSW in order to identify the "anonymous" person who is continuing to call various organisations in order to harass me. All the organisations inform me that they will not inform me of the name of the person as they wished to be anonymous. However, the...