WA Any guidance appreciated - Prosecution Notice - Fail to Obey Order given by an Officer

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1 September 2014
Hi everyone. Really appreciate any guidance - this is for a friend.

From what I can tell... My friend in her 20s had her house broken into while she was out and came home with her friend to find windows smashed, car smashed & her friend's motorbike stolen (she lives alone). She called the police. Then the people came back and kicked the door in, so her and her friend ran. She called 000 as she was being chased. They were then subjected to essentially a kidnapping, assaulted, told not to report it, and dropped at the side of the road. She has walked home and the police turned up. They told her to leave her house which she didn't want to do as she had nowhere to go and the police have then said if she didn't come out they would kick the door in - to which she has replied that it's already broken they can just come in. They came upstairs and grabbed her. She has told them she will walk with them & explained she is a victim, not a criminal. They didn't listen. She was taken to the station. I can imagine by this stage she has had a few things to say so she hasn't got on well with the officers.

As a result she has been charged with Fail to Obey Order given by an officer.

They then wouldn't drop her on her street as they didn't want her back at her house - they dropped her at the shops and she was walking to her neighbours house. They arrested her again and put her in the paddy wagon. The neighbour convinced them to let her go though. She has been a drug user in the past, and had troubled teen years. Nothing major. She has cleaned her life up the last few years, but I don't know if her past has influenced their treatment of her. She is so traumatised and in disbelief that she was charged after going through such a horrific experience.

I have no idea how the system works in WA but would like to give her some support - is there anywhere she can go to get assistance? She is not working at the moment so can't afford a lawyer.

Is there anything that she can do to defend the charge? What is the best way to do this? I am happy to help her write affidavits etc. , but not sure of the process. I'm also not in WA :)

Thank you :)