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Notice is the legal concept describing a requirement that a party be aware of legal process affecting their rights, obligations or duties. There are several types of notice: public notice (or legal notice), actual notice, constructive notice, and implied notice.

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  1. blackray

    Notice to vacate issued within lease terms

    Newbie here. Our family has been issued a notice to vacate within 60 days since early March. Reason: property need to be prepared for selling. Due to schooling and other reasons, we need to react to that quickly and find a place to settle down. We have then landed a new property and...
  2. B

    QLD Breach Of Notice - Traffic Monitoring Services (TMS)

    Hi, I have received 3 letters from "Traffic Monitoring Services" (TMS) claiming that we owe a total of $198 for "Outstanding Car Park Breach Notices" totalling $154, with "incurred additional costs" to pursue the outstanding amount totalling $44, hence $198. The car is owned by a business and...
  3. M

    VIC Corporate Law third party debt notice

    I have final orders that cannot be enforced due to other parties corporation debt owing to myself. The other party has not disclosed any financials and what has been disclosed on his financials re loans are false There was a previous property that the other party and myself has I was the...
  4. G

    NSW Change of Representation - need help

    I have a court case coming up but it's not for a while. In the interim I wish to change from being represented to self-represented so that I may deal with the other party's lawyers directly. The case has been submitted to the federal circuit court of australia. What form do I / or my current...
  5. R

    VIC Haven't even moved in and it's already a disaster...

    I move in to my first rental property on Wednesday. I was really excited about this until I realise that the house im moving in to is currently on the market. I was not told about this in any way. The place has been on the market since mid last year, if it's important. Will this affect anything...
  6. C

    QLD Lockout-releasing timeframe regulations

    Hi, just looking for information. I’ve been locked out of my business for a week. I’ve engaged lawyers etc. I’m just curious how soon the landlord is able to release? As they already have a sign there and my gear is still there. regards
  7. D

    Cancelation term of contract

    Hello, I am hoping someone might be able to give some advice. We are a UK tech company that have clients in AU. We have the following cancelation term in our agreement, and the client has signed this contract. This client has canceled their contract and they are stating "Our position is...