QLD Workers Compensation - Return of Car, Laptop and Mobile Phone

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24 November 2015
I am currently on Workers Compensation and have been since January 2015. I have had two surgeries and have only recently commenced a back to work plan, which my Employer originally supported, but pulled out of, claiming they had no suitable duties for me to perform.

My OT has arranged a Host Employer to enable me to fulfil my return to work obligation. My Employer has sent an email requesting my Company Car, Mobile Phone and Laptop be returned. My contract includes my car, mobile phone and laptop and our car policy only refers to unpaid leave as a requirement to return the car. I need to respond to the email within 24hrs. I would be prepared to negotiate the return of the vehicle if I am suitably compensated.

Please, where do I stand and how do I respond to the email?


The email reads as follows:


Thanks for the recent communication regarding your condition. We understand that you will not be fit for pre-injury duties anytime soon, so, therefore, we need to make arrangements for you to return the Company vehicle, mobile phone and laptop computer (tools of trade) for use within the business elsewhere.

The timeframe we are suggesting for this handover is:

Date: Tuesday 1st December, 2015

Time: between 9:00am & 10:00am

Where: Your residence - This is to save you any inconvenience of trying to get to and from the Branch.

Please let me know if there is a more convenient time that suits you on the 1st December.

Thank you for your understanding of this matter.

Best regards

Human Resources Manager


Well-Known Member
11 October 2015
Hi Friends181,

Have you handed it back or did you manage to negotiate compensation?

As you have not terminated your employment with that company it would appear that you do not have to give back the phone, car and laptop. However do you still use them with the Host Employer and are you planning on going back to you Employer soon?

I would suggest getting advice from an employment expert as to what your rights are in this situation see Get Connected with the Right Lawyer for You.