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In Australia and New Zealand, long service leave (LSL) is an employee entitlement to an additional vacation on full pay after an extended period of service with an employer. In Australia, employees are generally entitled to long service leave over and above their annual leave if they work for a particular employer for a certain length of time. A common entitlement in Australia is that employees who remain with the one employer for ten years are entitled to three calendar months' (ninety days) paid LSL, less on a pro rata basis, the longer they stay with that employer. When a worker ceases work with an employer, he or she is usually entitled to be paid the amount of LSL entitlement not taken on termination on a pro rata basis, though usually after a minimum period of service.
It remains one of the great entitlements for working Australians and one that is peculiar to the Australian labour market. The rules governing long service leave entitlements vary for different employees depending on their circumstances and the relevant jurisdiction.
The Institute of Actuaries of Australia estimated that the total value of long service leave benefits in Australia was around $16.5 billion in 2001.There has been a debate in Australia about the protection of employee entitlements (including long service leave) in the event of employer insolvency, with some high-profile cases involving employees losing benefits that had been accrued.Nowadays, long service leave is ingrained in Australian culture and is specified by state-based and some federal legislation. It is often not taken when it falls due, leading to calls to reduce long-service entitlement in the public sector.

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  1. B

    NSW Long service leave

    I'm trying to figure out if I am able to roll over long service leave after resigning and then being re-employed by the same business. I was working for them for 9 years and 6 months then left for a casual job that fell through only was at the casual job for 4 months then re-employed by the...
  2. K

    Long service leave in NSW

    Hi, I have been working for the same business for over 12 years and recently left my job with no real notice, just calls and texts. Am I still entitled to my long service leave, I'm in NSW Sydney
  3. Lauren.JJ

    VIC Long service entitlement

    Bit of a complicated situation so bear with me. I work for a large franchise and have so for 11 years. Each franchisee have their own business name and ABN but all franchise stores are trading under the franchise name and pay royalties, advertising, etc to the head company. Over the duration...
  4. E

    VIC Parental Leave Entitlements After a Period of Unpaid Leave?

    Hello all. I am looking to find out if I am entitled to parental leave with my employer. I started in a permanent full-time position in October 2014 and worked continuously till July 2018. At this time, I was granted 6 months leave without pay to work for a different employer (in a relevant...
  5. T

    VIC Worked Overseas with Australian Business - Entitled to Long Service Leave?

    Hi, I have been employed in Victoria from 2010 to 2013. Then I transferred in 2013 to the Chinese subsidiary (100% owned by the Victorian business, same management) and worked there until now. During all that time, my employment contract has been with the Australian business. I just resigned...
  6. C

    QLD Redundancy and long service leave owing at redundancy

    Hi, I am self representing in family court - together very long time. Property split will be based solely on financial resources. The trial judge required me to submit case law, if any precidents and any legislation that shows my ex is entitled (my ex said they are not going to get any)...
  7. C

    QLD Employers moving business - entitlements

    Hi I am just chasing some basic info please: Details: company moving interstate I have worked continuously since 2008 in full time upper management roles and the most senior roles the last 18 mths I am unable to move interstate, fifo is not an option and neither is working externally from qld...
  8. T

    QLD Long Service Leave - Notice

    Hello, I am new here and only just found this forum today. I am seeking some advice regarding Long Service Leave. On August 14 this year (in a little less than 2 months) I will have been employed for 10 years as a full time employee with my current employer. My employer asked me last week...
  9. J

    VIC Long Service Leave if terminating from overseas

    Hi, Between 2007 and 2016, I worked for a multinational in Melbourne, Victoria. In 2016, I was transferred to the UK business where they don't long service leave. When I left the Australian business I was not paid out my LSL I am now considering leaving my current role to look for other...
  10. Z

    VIC Unpaid Long service leave and Annual leave

    My employment has recently ended after being terminated after 25 years continual service. I have not been paid out my Annual leave and Long Service Leave (LSL), totaling around thirty thousand dollars. My employer provided me with twelve weeks notice (they said as per the Fair Work Act) when...