maternity leave

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  1. T

    VIC Being Bullied by Child Protection to Get IVO - Help?

    Hi all, I am currently in emergency housing due to my partner unintentionally hurting my young children, due to anger of parents divorce issues (that’s lasted over 6 years). Since being in emergency housing, my partner has finally been able to see his mum knowing that’s the trigger to his...
  2. L

    QLD What rights do fathers have regarding child support when ex on maternity leave?

    Hello, I’m trying to help a friend whom is in a great deal of stress and looking for advice. He has 2 children with his ex (they separated 2 years ago). They have a parenting plan in place which is a 40% / 60% care arrangement (he being 40%). They have an agreement on the amount of child...
  3. M

    VIC Child Support Increase When Ex is Pregnant?

    Hiya guys, I am in a relationship with a man who has a 3-year-old with his ex. Currently he has an agreed 27% care on paper, however, he frequently has nearly 50% care but remains at 27% care payments. She started a new relationship and is now pregnant. My question is, will his child support...
  4. E

    NT Property Settlement - Forced to Resign and Relinquish Shares?

    Hi, I am currently going through family circuit court proceedings in regards to children's matters and property settlement. My ex and I were together since 2005 and have incorporated his sole trader business to a PTY LTD in Nov 2005. I am currently still company secretary and 50% shareholder...
  5. R

    VIC Employer refusing maternity leave

    Hi. My official due date is one week after my 12 month anniversary at work. I asked HR to confirm I’d still be eligible for unpaid 12month mat leave and their company policy’s 3 month parental leave pay if the baby came early (their policy states I’m eligible if I’ve worked for the company for...
  6. J

    NSW Returning from maternity leave

    Hi, hoping someone can give me some advice on my situation. I am currently on maternity leave from my full time position. I emailed my employer asking to return to my position in a job share capacity on my return. The employer has said no and has given me a substantial response as to why that...
  7. A

    NSW Ex Claiming Backpay for Child Support with Legal Aid?

    Hi I hope someone can or is willing to assist. I have and have always for the past 10 years paid the correct child support, it was a mutual agreement. However we always went of the Child Support Agency for advice. My wages rarely changed as I work for the government, so each week it's the same...
  8. F

    QLD Can Contracts as Contractors be Dissolved Under Contract Law?

    Hi everyone, My wife has found herself in a very stressful situation and we are seeking some help. She is a nurse and a new mum. We have a 5-month-old daughter. While she was in maternity leave, she decided to apply for a job in a clinic in a shopping centre where they do botox and other...
  9. allie

    Paying Off Immigration Debt?

    Hello, I'm trying to assist a friend with this - I'm actually a lawyer on maternity leave, but this is not my area at all and I feel like I'm smashing my head against a brick wall! My friend has been asked to pay her friend's immigration debt (i.e., physically get the payment processed)...
  10. B

    QLD Possible to Claim the Wages That I Deserve?

    I joined a hydraulic company in September 2013 as a warehouse operative earning 21/hour. In January 2015, our customer service lady went on maternity leave.I approached the manager and op supervisor and I said I will fill in the role of customer service while the lady was away.They gave me a...