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  1. E

    VIC Parental Leave Entitlements After a Period of Unpaid Leave?

    Hello all. I am looking to find out if I am entitled to parental leave with my employer. I started in a permanent full-time position in October 2014 and worked continuously till July 2018. At this time, I was granted 6 months leave without pay to work for a different employer (in a relevant...
  2. R

    VIC Employer refusing maternity leave

    Hi. My official due date is one week after my 12 month anniversary at work. I asked HR to confirm I’d still be eligible for unpaid 12month mat leave and their company policy’s 3 month parental leave pay if the baby came early (their policy states I’m eligible if I’ve worked for the company for...
  3. kimbapuppy

    VIC Getting a Stay Order in Relation to Child Support Payments?

    My ex objected to my reduction in income due to the extensive time I had to take unpaid leave to prepare and attend court proceedings (including providing bank statements from 2010!). Child Support Agency ruled in her favour and inflated my income by an additional $100k. I objected to this...
  4. J

    QLD Am I Entitled to Paid Parental Leave?

    Hello, I have a baby due on June 7th. My employer has advised me that as a small business, she does not have to give me paid or unpaid leave or time off. There is no enterprise agreement in place for the industry I am in and no employment contract was signed when I started full time employment...
  5. M

    WA Investigation / dismissal

    Hello I have received on Friday a letter from my employer announcing my dismissal. This letter indicates my entitlements (as per contract) but also put me on paid notice while the employer is investigating on me. One of my friend studying law said that i should not worry too much as this is a...
  6. S

    SA Difference Between Annual Leave and Unpaid Leave?

    Hi, I was hoping someone could assist me. I started a new job in November last year and I had to take some unpaid leave in January due to child care being closed. I took 5 days in total. My employer is now saying that those 5 days have to be included in my 20 day annual leave allowance. Is...
  7. J

    NSW Unpaid Leave - Can Employer Override Doctor's Certificate?

    I notified my workplace with a doctor's certificate that I would be needing 5-6 weeks unpaid leave to care for my wife, child and myself. My employer has now suspended me upon my return stating the leave was not approved. I provided the certificate before I left. Can my employer override a...
  8. T

    NSW Workplace Bullying - Will Employer Conduct Their Own Investigation?

    Hello, I raised a workplace bullying complaint to my employer last Oct. My employer has notified their insurance provider of the injury. I am currently on unpaid leave. Last Dec, factual investigation (assigned by the insurer) were conducted to me and the respondents. The workcover claim was...
  9. K

    NSW Forced Unpaid Leave After Back Injury - Unfair Dismissal?

    I am a full time employee and have been put on unpaid leave because I have a back injury that has flared up at work. Since March 2016, I have submitted medical certificates to the employer stating what the illness is and how I am treating the problem. I asked to have light duties and the...
  10. T

    ACT Casual Employee - Maximum Days to Ask for Unpaid Leave?

    Hi There! I am a casual employee (however, I work full-time hours). I am aware that as a casual employee, I am not entitled to paid annual leave. I would like to know how much leave or time off I can ask for from my employers (obviously unpaid leave since I am only casual) under Employment Law...