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SA Long Service Leave - Lodge Workers Compensation Claim?

Discussion in 'Employment Law Forum' started by Alessandra, 3 June 2015.

  1. Alessandra

    Alessandra Member

    3 June 2015
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    I would like to enquire about long service leave entitlements upon me resigning from my job. I commenced employment in January 2008, so have been with the company for almost 7.5 years. From March 31 2013 I commenced maternity leave, I returned on a casual basis August 28 2013 where I worked a few weeks, stopped over Christmas and then commenced working permanently from February.

    I have been told by the Fair Work Australia hotline that my re commencement date would be August 28th and therefore if I resigned at the end of June I would be over 7 years service and receive my entitlement. Is this correct? I am currently on stress leave and this is my reasons for wanting to resign. That plus non-compliant conduct, unfair work conditions and verbal harassment. I plan to lodge a claim via workers compensation for stress.

    What action do you suggest I take here?
  2. Amanda E

    Amanda E Well-Known Member

    9 April 2014
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