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7 December 2014
Hi. Two years ago my Japanese wife of 17 years emptied our bank accounts, emptied our rental house of all property, took all our assets, and gave away my personal possessions. She then abducted our three children (aged 12, 7, 3) back to Japan. I have been completely cutoff from any contact with my wife and kids since.

I am chasing that part through the Hague Convention. I have just recently come into my possession a letter written by my wife's friend. She admitted being given power of attorney by my wife. As my wife quickly left the country, before I could legally stop her, her friend took care of everything else. She admitted in the letter that she just gave away all of our possessions.

Since my wife is untouchable in Japan, and I now have in my possession a hand-written and signed letter from her friend, admitting to what she did:
  • Can I sue that friend for taking my legal right to half of our accrued assets? (I estimate my half to be $105,000.)
  • Can I also sue for financial and emotional loss?
I was left out on the street, homeless, jobless, and practically penniless. I was the stay at home Dad for 12 years, raising our three kids, and working part-time to contribute to the household income. My wife earns in excess of $100,000 as a Senior Lecturer at university. Therefore the normal parental roles were reversed in our case.

Can I successfully take this friend to Family Court to reclaim my share of our assets? It is a lot to just forget about. I have struggled ever since to try and get a job and try to rebuild my life from zero. I am also 55-years of age. I do hope that there is justice, and that I can successfully recoup my fair share at least from this friend.
Also, if this is a winnable case, who can fight this for me? I don't have much money, and cannot afford to toss it away on something that is not worth fighting for.

I await your reply with interest.

Amanda E

Well-Known Member
9 April 2014
Sorry to hear about what has happened to you. From what you've written, it a very complex matter.
Have you spoken to Legal Aid Victoria or your local community legal centre? They provide help for those who don't have financial resources.