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DeMarcus Family Rules is a 2020 reality television show web television series starring Allison DeMarcus and Jay DeMarcus.

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    NSW How to Serve papers on to the respondent when you self represent?

    Good afternoon, What easy suggestions may you have for how to serve court documents to the other party when your self representing? This relates to a brand new application being actioned by the “applicant” to serve on the “respondent” directly.
  2. R

    QLD bankruptcy court information vital

    My ex is bankrupt AFTER separation and AFTER stealing, hiding and transferring all assets in FCC. No disclosure has meant that now his trustee has taken him to court. These are public appearances. There is no reason I can't sit in on these as I have done before. All info is directly related to...
  3. N

    QLD Does forecasted commission income get put into the asset pool

    Hi married 16 years, 3 kids under 12. I have been a stay at home mum for the whole time, and he works earning a very good income over 200k per year. He left, and looking for a divorce. He works in property and on commissions plus a retainer. He is arguing with me that he will not put his...
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    VIC divorce after a year PR.and his family

    we got PR on the basis of skilled independent visa last year in June. we r married from 4and half years. everything was going really good until PR was granted. my husband started treating me really bad. he slapped and pushed me many times when i was pregnant. even he had an extra marital affair...
  5. O

    SA Family Law Court Reports - Can I Ask For Recording?

    Hey all, I'm seeking information regarding Regulation 7 family consultant written family reports & more specifically can a litigant request a different consultant? Family Court has ordered another report before May but I honestly don't know if I can go through the ordeal with...
  6. M

    VIC Self-Representing for Custody of Children

    Good afternoon all. A bullet point summary of my situation followed by a couple of legal questions for anyone who may be able to help clarify a few things. Wife abducted and retained our two children in the UK in Sept 14. Both children were returned three months later via the Hague Convention...