QLD What Liquor Licence to Apply For?

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25 September 2016

Me and my partner are intending on starting a business that makes certain food/ice cream products (can't go into real specifics) that contain alcohol in around 5-9% range. I intend to sell these via my own online store but mainly wish to get these into stores like Dan Murphys, BWS, etc.

My question is, what sort of liquor licence would I have to apply for?

Victoria S

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9 April 2014
You would need a licence to manufacturer alcohol if you were doing it yourself:

Licence to manufacture alcohol

If you were having it manufactured by someone else and wholesaling to retail outlets then you would need a pre-retail licence and if you were selling online on an ongoing basis you may at least need a "renewable limited licence".

There is a fair bit of info available about this online: Types of liquor and wine licences | Queensland Government
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