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    QLD Friend's Business Closed Down with One Day's Notice - Commercial Law?

    So, my friend sells goods inside a retail shop (which basically sells a lot of different goods such as phone cases, clothes, plushies, accessories and etc. Each shelf that sells the different goods are owned by different sellers. So the owner owns the shop and sellers own their little shelves...
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    NSW Commercial Law - Obligations of Founders to Investors?

    I invested in a private company. The last months have not been great, however, the founder did tell me they could get things back on track and the share price could get back to where I was promised it should be. He, however, stated he would rather focus on other companies he has and sell as soon...
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    VIC Commercial Law - Commercial Barrister Fees?

    I have heard that commercial barristers charge a daily court appearance fee, as well as the hourly rate. So, if I had a matter that went to court for 3 days, would I be charged a daily appearance fee and hourly rate under commercial law? Also, how do I know how many hours are worked on the case...
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    VIC How Long Do Commercial Matters Last in Commercial Law Court?

    On average how long can a commercial matter last in a commercial law court?
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    NSW Ex-wife demanding equity in newly formed business

    My ex-wife is claiming she has a right to equity (or payment of some kind) in a company I formed 2 years after we separated. Some quick background - while we were married I developed a piece of software in my spare time. We separated two years ago and reached a financial settlement via court...
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    VIC Investment Contract(Individual & Private Company)

    Hi All, I need some advice on how to go on about recovering my investment from private company. I have been approached by common friend to invest in an Entertainment event in Australia managed/run under company structure. Verbally i have been promised that my money will be break even if any...
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    QLD Deliberate Obstruction to Licensing Arrangements - Commercial Law?

    If a board of one company deliberately asks a vendor to not grant a licence/ node agreement for another company (thus causing potential financial loss through the specialist nature of the work) through discrediting/defaming the other company, is there any legal recourse under commercial law?
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    VIC Food Delivery Service as a Sole Trader - Commercial Law Regulations?

    Hi everyone. I am planning to start an online food delivery service (like UberEats) as a sole trader to deliver homemade food (sourcing from independent home-based kitchens - not us) to customers. Basically a website where: Customers: Select their food from the menu, order it to get it...
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    NSW Commercial Law - Difference Between Home Business and Small Business?

    Hey guys, I currently run a business and I am being forced out of my current home on the basis that I do not classify as a home business due to the size of my operation. Previously I ran my tutoring business from home and only had a few customers so it was not a problem but now that I have...
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    VIC Commercial Law - Claim Lost Income Due to Taxi Commission Errors?

    I want to know my legal recourse for the following situation: I am in the process of registering as a commercial driver in Victoria to drive for Uber. 25/09/2018 - Paid fee to process driver accreditation. Still needed to provided certified ID and Medical check. 04/10/2018 - Submitted...