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A liquor license (or liquor licence in most forms of Commonwealth English) is a governmentally issued permit to sell, manufacture, store, or otherwise use alcoholic beverages.

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    QLD Do I need a liquor license (QLD)?

    If I am renting out margarita machines but not supplying the alcohol and state that I do not supply the alcohol, do I need a liquor license? Further, if the customer puts alcohol in the margarita machine and I have a promo person there serving the drinks to the guests (not an employee, hired...
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    SA Liquor Licence for a private party?

    I, along with my partner, are having a party of around 100 people on a farm where kegs of beer and other alcohol will be provided. However, other amenities were required such as port-a-potties, bins, a generator, a marquis and other hygiene essentials to ensure everyone is safe. It is for this...
  3. G

    NSW Council Lost Construction Certificate - What Happens Now?

    I have a question about construction certificates. I bought a restaurant recently. When I applied for a liquor licence, the council discovered the last restaurant owner has a DA approved for construction of a disabled toilet and turning the storage area to allow construction of a roof and 22...
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    QLD What Liquor Licence to Apply For?

    Hi, Me and my partner are intending on starting a business that makes certain food/ice cream products (can't go into real specifics) that contain alcohol in around 5-9% range. I intend to sell these via my own online store but mainly wish to get these into stores like Dan Murphys, BWS, etc. My...