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A shopping mall (or simply mall) is a North American term for a large indoor shopping center, usually anchored by department stores. The term "mall" originally meant a pedestrian promenade with shops along it (that is, the term was used to refer to the walkway itself), but in the late 1960s, it began to be used as a generic term for the large enclosed shopping centers that were becoming commonplace at the time. In the U.K., such complexes are considered shopping centers (Commonwealth English: shopping centre), though "shopping center" covers many more sizes and types of centers than the North American "mall". Other countries may follow U.S. usage (India, U.A.E., etc.) and others (Australia, etc.) follow U.K. usage.
Malls are currently in severe decline ("dead malls") or have closed. Successful exceptions have added entertainment and experiential features, added big-box stores as anchors, or converted to other specialized shopping center formats: power centers, lifestyle centers, factory outlet centers, and festival marketplaces.

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  1. Nicole_Ade

    SA Can shops in shopping centre legally display pictures of shoplifters inside their store?

    I've seen shops display shoplifter pictures everywhere in Australia but I recently was informed that stores are not allowed to do this by law as it's a breach of confidentiality as they have not been to court or proven guilty of an offence. Is this true?
  2. S

    VIC Shopping centre car parking laws Victoria

    When driving into park and an stationary car opens their door whilst car is in motion. Who is at fault?
  3. charchar22

    QLD Assaulted in Shopping Centre on Escalator With my baby

    Hi All, I'd love some advice on what to do and what the legal requirements are for shopping centres. I was shopping with my 9 month old baby (in the trolley). Heading down the escalator toward the carpark when a man slammed into me from behind pushing me into the trolley (toward my baby). As...
  4. R

    WA Shopping Centre Car Park Breach

    Hi, I received a car park breach notice from a shopping centre back in November for $77. I never paid it because I was not in breach of anything I work at the centre but my husbandwas usingmy car that day to do some early Xmas shopping which is why my car was not parked in a staff marked bay...
  5. D

    What infringment notice can QLD police write for parking in shopping centers.

    At Springfield Shopping Centre there are signs posted at once entrance informing persons entering said car park that this facility is for customers only, not commuters (given the Springfield transtation next door has a short supply in car parking). On other entrances there are no such signs or...
  6. K

    NSW Assault - Legal Action Against a 17-Year-Old?

    Hey, My friend was attacked by a girl after school in a shopping centre car park. Both my friend and the girl are 17-years-old. My friend was just walking when a girl who had heard about some random drama at school, tackled my friend to the ground and punched her repeatedly. Once my friend...
  7. P

    QLD Slipped at Shopping Centre - Compensation?

    I slipped on a grape at a major shopping center in Cairns. This caused a torn Meniscus that will require surgery. Can anyone tell me how I can request CCTV footage from center management? I am retired so would it be worth pursuing compensation for pain and suffering/Medical costs?
  8. O

    VIC Shopping Centre Parking Bay Causes Vehicle Damage?

    Yesterday evening I visited a large shopping centre in Melbournes Northern suburbs. The clearance height on the carpark I entered is stated to be 2.2m. My vehicle has a height of 1.97 so I knew I would fit. After driving around searching for a bay for a while I proceeded up to the second level...
  9. T

    QLD Second Time Shoplifting - What will Happen in Court?

    Hi, I got caught over Christmas shoplifting at a few shops at the shopping centre. I look after adult disabled child. I have no intention of doing it again. What will happen in court? I’m stressed.
  10. B

    WA Car Reverses into Wife's Car - Who is at Fault?

    My wife drove around into another row and there was a car, with the right-hand indicator on (other driver disputes this). My wife has stopped behind his car. The other driver then put his vehicle into reverse. My wife sounded her horn to warn him, but he reversed into her. Who is in the wrong...