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Business licenses are permits issued by government agencies that allow individuals or companies to conduct business within the government's geographical jurisdiction. It is the authorization to start a business issued by the local government.
A single jurisdiction often requires multiple licenses that are issued by multiple government departments and agencies. Business licenses vary between countries, states, and local municipalities. There are often many licenses, registrations and certifications required to conduct a business in a single location.
Typically, a company's business activity and physical location (address) determines which licenses are required to operate lawfully. Other determining factors may include the number of employees and the business, such as sole proprietor or corporation. Government agencies can fine or close a business operating without the required business licenses.

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    QLD Do I need a liquor license (QLD)?

    If I am renting out margarita machines but not supplying the alcohol and state that I do not supply the alcohol, do I need a liquor license? Further, if the customer puts alcohol in the margarita machine and I have a promo person there serving the drinks to the guests (not an employee, hired...
  2. C

    NSW Starting a Mobile Device Repair Business

    Hi, I am considering starting up a mobile device repair business (e.g. mobile phone) and I am just curious to whether I legally need any certifications or license (e.g. business licensing authority) to start up the business?
  3. M

    VIC Sex Workers and Licences - Commercial Laws - What to Do?

    Hi all. This is a long list of questions, so any replies to any of them would be appreciated. I am considering managing a massage studio. It is currently a totally above board non-sexual studio, but there is a consideration to apply for it to become a "happy ending" studio &/or to possibly...
  4. U

    VIC Business Licensing Authority Rejected Secondhand Dealer and Pawnbrokers Licence

    I have applied to the Business Licensing Authority for a Secondhand dealer and Pawnbrokers License. I intend to Pawn used cars. The Act states that Section 23(1a) (a pawnbroker must not receive a motor car as goods in pawn) I imagine this is because they are not Licensed Motor Car Traders. I am...