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    QLD Do I need a liquor license (QLD)?

    If I am renting out margarita machines but not supplying the alcohol and state that I do not supply the alcohol, do I need a liquor license? Further, if the customer puts alcohol in the margarita machine and I have a promo person there serving the drinks to the guests (not an employee, hired...
  2. C

    NSW Starting a Mobile Device Repair Business

    Hi, I am considering starting up a mobile device repair business (e.g. mobile phone) and I am just curious to whether I legally need any certifications or license (e.g. business licensing authority) to start up the business?
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    VIC Sex Workers and Licences - Commercial Laws - What to Do?

    Hi all. This is a long list of questions, so any replies to any of them would be appreciated. I am considering managing a massage studio. It is currently a totally above board non-sexual studio, but there is a consideration to apply for it to become a "happy ending" studio &/or to possibly...
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    VIC Business Licensing Authority Rejected Secondhand Dealer and Pawnbrokers Licence

    I have applied to the Business Licensing Authority for a Secondhand dealer and Pawnbrokers License. I intend to Pawn used cars. The Act states that Section 23(1a) (a pawnbroker must not receive a motor car as goods in pawn) I imagine this is because they are not Licensed Motor Car Traders. I am...