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  1. S

    WA Copyright Act 1895

    A simple question as I do not understand precisely the use of the phrases "as passed" and "in force". The WA copyright Act of 1895 is listed "as passed" on the WA Parliament website but not listed as "in force". Is this act still valid (ie applicable) in WA or has it been superseded by more...
  2. D

    NSW Copyright issue of own artworks

    Hi I am a graphic designer, I would like to check some copyright issue here. 1) If I am selling my own artworks of NSW Police car even its in a cartoon style but its identical. And those artworks are limited Qty, once they sold and it will not be redraw it again. Will it involved the copyright...
  3. D

    Test shoot involving nudity with agency signed model

    I did a test shoot with a model (22yrs old) from a small local agency, the shoot was given the go ahead by her agent but the mood board was not specific about styling at all. As the shoot unfolded and with the complete input and encouragement of the model, the decision was made to shoot one of...
  4. M

    TAS Another business copying product

    I have a business selling handmade designer dog accessories. I’m best known for velvet products and in particular velvet bow ties. A previous customer has recently started her own business with her own velvet bow ties. These products look identical to mine and some are even using the same “name”...
  5. A

    NSW Facebook rejecting my copyright take down request

    Hi.... I created a compilation video using clips from my friends instagram account. (All clips are hers and I used them with her full permission) and uploaded my creation to my facebook page and I later noticed that someone had stolen it, placed their watermark on it and uploaded it to YouTube...
  6. Bobelix

    TAS Do I Need a licensing agreement or similar?

    I am a photographer. I am putting together a photo book that shows images of what I think fictional characters would carry with them every day. For example, what does Han Solo carry every day? What does a Star Trek officer carry on an away mission? Do I need the permission of the copyright...
  7. A

    QLD Copyright on “clothing patterns”

    I have an online dropshipping store with over 500 dresses from my overseas suppliers. One customer said “one of your dresses is a direct copy of _____ designer” with regards to the colours and patterns on the dress. my question is, when selling dresses or clothes. Can someone claim copyright...
  8. I

    SA Product Copyright has to be changed 20%?

    I want to produce and patent a product which I have been inspired by another product of its same use but this new product would be modified. I heard that to copy a product you have to change the appearance of it by 20%, is this true? The product is a modified electrical mounting bracket for...
  9. A

    VIC How to calculate a remedy for copyright infringment

    I've provided design and drawings to a property developer(his company actually, as he's registered a Pty Ltd company for this project). He's failed to pay my invoices, abandoned to pursue the planning permit, but took the drawings to the real estate agent for advertising and is trying to sell...
  10. R

    Copyright Question - Clothing Industry

    Hi, It has come to my attention that somebody is copying logoed shirts that we produce for someone.We do not have a copyright on these items.Do we have any rights on this one and what is the process to get garments copyrighted as we are worried more of our shirts may be copied by this person in...