ACT Question on Criminal Record and Spent Conviction?

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    11 August 2018
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    When I was younger I made some pretty stupid choices. It landed me in court and I was charged with drug and trafficking charges. I was convicted of those offences and handed down 12 or 18 months good behavior and ordered to pay a fine.

    I've have been doing well at being a good member of society until a few months ago when I was caught shop lifting. I was taken back into the store and the police were called. At the time I was placed under arrest. But then the store agreed to let me go after the items I stole were returned and I signed a document saying I was banned from the store for 12 months. Then I was escorted out.

    My question is: I need a national police check for a job that could change my life.

    Would my previous criminal record be a spent conviction because it has been over 10 years since I was convicted? And would the whole shop lifting incident be added to it as well?

    Thanks in advance

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