NSW Unpaid Flight Ticket by Third Party - Can My Re-entry be Denied?

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2 March 2016

Can my re-entrance to Australia be denied because of an unpaid flight ticket in my name but supposed to have been paid by a third party?

In this case, the travel agency sent an invoice for the ticket to a company that was supposed to pay the ticket for me. I took the flight to leave Australia but the Company that was supposed to pay the ticket did not do so.

Under Australian Law, can my re-entry to Australia be denied if the travel agent goes to the court?

Thank you very much.


Hi Winston, I don't see what interest immigration would have in whether or not your ticket has been paid. I also doubt that an airline would hold sufficient sway to convince immigration to deny you your right of entry into a country because someone else did not pay their debt. However, I am no expert. Has this happened to someone else?