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    NSW Is Emirates Airlines in Breach of International Aviation Laws?

    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone can please assist me with which International Aviation Laws would cover (if any) and where to lodge my complaint against Emirates Airlines for the treatment of my husband and myself when we were involuntarily denied boarding for 'health' reasons. As Australian...
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    QLD Emirates Airline - Consumer Rights for Overselling Flight?

    Hi, I am seeking any help regarding my Australian Consumer Law rights, or lack thereof, with regard to 'over booking' or 'bumping' of passengers on Emirates Airlines. My father bought tickets in Australia for both of us to Accra, via Dubai. On the way back, we stopped in Dubai overnight to...
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    NT Reimbursement by Emirates Airlines?

    Hi, I travelled to India on 30th November 2013 as my husband had got his visa in India and I was supposed to bring him here as he could not speak good English. I was flying from Alice Springs to Delhi and the connection was through Perth.The ticket was a return ticket on 7th Dec 2013 with my...