WA Unpaid child support through private collection

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17 June 2018
My ex has being delinquent or furthermore negligent in making his child support payments since day 1 of our “amicable” agreement to have the child support of our two children collected privately. I am owed in excess of 50K by him for the care of both of our children and that’s just counting 7 out of the 10 years I’ve cared for them 72% of the time to his 28%. If I would bring the subject up with him he would threaten me with his intent to get paid into an alternative account or by cheque made payable to his father rather than in his own name therefore making his taxable income $0p/a so that “I wouldn’t get paid a cent”. He would also toy with me by saying that he would then tell the child support agency that two of my family members who hold rather prominent jobs in today’s professional society were regular users of marijuana therefore slandering their good names and putting their jobs under scrutiny. This in combination of his usual temper and his ongoing “do whatever he likes” attitude when it comes to paying for our children’s expenses or lack thereof. Time spent with each child eg; he would take the children from school when I would say that they couldn’t spend the weekend with him due to a relatives birthday party celebrations or on Christmas Eve he wouldn’t return the children on the year that they were meant to be spending Christmas morning with me. What I want to know is, is there anything I can do to recover the unpaid child support privately since it’s up for private collection? And does it date back to only 3 months like when collection is done through the CSA or can I recover the full 7 years? Which court would I file for such costs to be recovered and what are my rights? Or better yet my children’s rights?


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27 September 2015
Nope not much you can do for back pay....Get child support agency to collect the money