NSW Traffic Law - Motor Trader Storing Cars on Residential Street?

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DSM 70

Active Member
9 March 2015
Is it legal for a licenced motor trader to store cars (registered to his buisiness) in a residential street under traffic law?

I know it is illegal to offer the cars for sale outside of the premises detailed on the license.

I had the displeasure of a semi trailer car transporter unload several cars in my street. When I called the police and gave all the car license plate details, they confirmed the vehicles were out of rego, but registered to a motor dealer and I should call the council. Council were no help but said they would send a ranger and would only act if the vehicles were found to be unregistered.

Is there a legal parking infringement here by the motor trader and who should I direct the complaint to to get the cars removed?


LawTap Verified
27 May 2014
Sounds like the person is using a residential address for the running of a business. Unless he has a council permit then chances are he is not allowed to park his stock of vehicles in the street. You might need to speak to a different area in the council dealing with home businesses.