NSW Is it legal for Council to issue a parking infringement for a broken down vehicle?

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    On arriving at a boat ramp I found that one wheel of my boat trailer was smoking and grinding badly. I parked the boat trailer in a space allocated for 'cars with trailers attached only' - my trailer was too long to be parked in a normal car spot.

    On removing the offending wheel I found that the wheel bearings had disintegrated. I left the trailer parked without one wheel... and a notice on it that it had failed. Being December 28th, getting the required bearing parts took longer than usual to procure.

    Seeing the Council Rangers a day or so later I had a friendly chat with them and advised them of the situation - that the boat trailer was effectively broken down and unsafe to be on the road. I mentioned that normally I parked the boat trailer in my own street. They seemed to be unconcerned. (They were photographing and marking other parked trailers for the 28 day rule.)

    I was surprised (and disappointed) to find that the Council Rangers had issued an infringement on my boat trailer for parking contrary to the 'cars with trailers attached only' signs.

    Clearly this is pretty shabby and underhanded by council - though Sydney is a pretty dog-eat-dog place.

    Were a car attached to the trailer it would have been legal to park there indefinitely. Parking my broken down trailer inconvenience precisely no one.

    I plan to phone council (North Sydney) to request they cancel the fine... perhaps even go to court.

    Question: Is it legal for Council to issue a parking infringement for a broken down vehicle?

    Many thanks...

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