parking infringement

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A traffic ticket is a notice issued by a law enforcement official to a motorist or other road user, indicating that the user has violated traffic laws. Traffic tickets generally come in two forms, citing a moving violation, such as exceeding the speed limit, or a non-moving violation, such as a parking violation, with the ticket also being referred to as a parking citation, or parking ticket.
In some jurisdictions, a traffic ticket constitutes a notice that a penalty, such as a fine or deduction of points, has been or will be assessed against the driver or owner of a vehicle; failure to pay generally leads to prosecution or to civil recovery proceedings for the fine. In others, the ticket constitutes only a citation and summons to appear at traffic court, with a determination of guilt to be made only in court.

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  1. K

    QLD Parking fine GOLD COAST - Meter not working - Appeal dismissed, infringement not withdrawn

    I parked in a 2P Metered zone where the meter was faulty (completely out of order) - the meter was immediately adjacent to my car/parking space. I did make some effort to render it functional (I have photos and video of the meter showing that is in some kind of "back end" mode and not...
  2. G

    NSW No Stopping sign across side street

    Hi, I recently got a ridiculous $268 ticket for disobeying a No Parking sign, I was parked on a small section of curb on the main road between two side streets where there was no sign. The nearest No Stopping sign was across the street in front of me with an arrow pointing towards where I was...
  3. W

    VIC Parking infringement at a uni

    Hi all, my bf has a parking fine at university melbourne last week. It was a hefty sum for parking in loading zone?? I am curious as im wondering if Melbourne uni have the right to enforce infringements ?? And what happens if you dont pay. I believe on the receipt it does say Infringement act...
  4. D

    VIC Company Car Parking Infringement

    I have been asked to research into an issue with a parking penalty issued. A company car was being driven by an employee who parked in a truck zone and was fined. Who is responsible for paying the fine? Do we have to nominate the driver? Finally if the employee didn't hand the fine over...
  5. M

    NSW Is it legal for Council to issue a parking infringement for a broken down vehicle?

    On arriving at a boat ramp I found that one wheel of my boat trailer was smoking and grinding badly. I parked the boat trailer in a space allocated for 'cars with trailers attached only' - my trailer was too long to be parked in a normal car spot. On removing the offending wheel I found that...
  6. D

    WA Appealing a parking infringement

    I received a parking infringement from City of Stirling even though I purchased a ticket. It had literally blown off the dash board when I opened the opposite car door to get something. I kept my ticket. When I checked the appeals process the website stated that having a ticket and sending it...
  7. M

    NSW Regarding resident parking permits for trailers

    I'm a resident of Ryde Council in Sydney and wish to park my boat trailer on the street where I live. It seemed like a reasonable request: there's never any parking congestion - enough parking for everyone! And yes, me the car, the boat the trailer are rightfully registered and licenses and...
  8. D

    NSW Traffic Law - Motor Trader Storing Cars on Residential Street?

    Is it legal for a licenced motor trader to store cars (registered to his buisiness) in a residential street under traffic law? I know it is illegal to offer the cars for sale outside of the premises detailed on the license. I had the displeasure of a semi trailer car transporter unload several...
  9. P

    NSW Ticket Parking: potentially massive number of invalid fines

    Hi All, I have what seemed to be a straightforward issue. Inner West Council, and many others, have ticket parking areas that also have a 15 or 30 minute free period, after which paid parking is required. The relevant legislation is 207-3 I was issued a fine for 207-3(1) "Park without...
  10. N

    Private parking ticket

    I parked in a private car park last year, that doesn't provide parking meters and never answers the number provided (over 30 minutes of ringing, not even put on hold) forcing you to use their website to buy a ticket. I thought I bought one, entered all the information, waited for the page to...