VIC Suing Couple for Aiding and Abetting the Kidnapping of Children?

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12 April 2015
I am seeking some help please.

I recently received some legal documents from a Japanese lawyer. Amongst them were written statements from a Melbourne couple, stating that they had been given power of attorney by my wife, to do things on her behalf as she quickly left Australia, kidnapping our three children to Japan.

I can do nothing about that.

I have had the Hague Convention lawyers in Australia do all they can. Japan protects its own, and there are roughly 10,000 fathers worldwide in exactly the same predicament as me.

I will have to wait for my kids to become adults, and try to contact them then.

But, I had no knowledge or proof until I received those documents from a Japanese lawyer that this Melbourne couple assisted my wife from the get go. They stripped our rental house of everything before I could get there, and in their statement they said they just gave it all away.

The Melbourne couple's statements implicate them in the whole scheme to assist in the kidnapping of my three children to Japan.

I am asking if I can sue this Melbourne couple for aiding and abetting in a kidnapping times 3? International child abduction is the new phrase for this, these days, as it makes it more palatable I believe.

Their statements clearly show their deep involvement throughout this harrowing process.

Is there a statute of limitations regarding kidnapping?

Being stripped of all assets, and the bank account being completely drained, I am only just now getting back on my feet financially. I cannot afford to spend a lot of money chasing a dream, paying lawyer fees and charges, in the hope that I may have a chance.

I need to know if this is a viable case, with a very good chances of winning, and perhaps being financially compensated for what the Melbourne couple did.

I await your response.

With many thanks


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5 January 2018
Hi Paul,

Sorry to hear your story. In my opinion, the best way is to contact legal aid, they have lawyers and have a chat with them. You may find some may direct you to a lawyer who will be able to assist you with little financial fees or none, as you case is complicated and I don't think what you wrote would provide sufficient background to assist anyone to provide good opinions.

I hope this helps.