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VIC Stalking and Harassment - What to Do?

Discussion in 'Other/General Law Forum' started by Shortcake, 19 July 2015.

  1. Shortcake

    Shortcake Member

    19 July 2015
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    Hi I am not really sure whether any one can help me with my legal problem. I started being harassed and stalked back in 2006 by someone who has continued to contact people known to me behind my back. e.g friends, acquaintances, any one I talk to in the public domain one example is a hairdresser I used to go. This person watches everything I do and who I speak to both online and offline.

    I have gotten that way I hardly leave the house unless it is to go to the doctors or shopping etc I have stopped socialising out side of the house out of fear of this person continuing to contact who ever I come in to contact with behind my back and turning them against me in order to gain themselves some friends and obviously better her future by trying to destroy mine in the process. What is motivating her to do this is jealousy! Why she is jealous of me is dumbfounding, I have no idea why she is jealous of me. I am sure it is a woman doing these things going by a threat sent to me online on a well known psychic website back in 2006. I made the mistake of telling some one I thought I could trust about the website who obviously went back and told this person that is still stalking and harassing me today so that is obviously how she tracked me down on that website. I have contacted the website but they refused to help recently and back in 2006. I have been told the only way they would help is by being subpoenaed to give the police or a lawyer the information as to who this person is that sent the threat posing as a psychic in order to cover her tracks and at the same time trying to scam a large sum of money out of me for their help which I presume I would never have got. They would have taken the money and ran. I would never have heard from them again. I am no idiot and know a scam when I see one. Actually I would call what she sent a scam and a threat.

    My question is I am unable to afford a lawyer at the prices they charge, I made queries as to how much they charge and nearly all charge some thing like $300 a hour for their help. Due to the Abbott government cut backs, legal aid is not a option they are unable to help. The police over the years and I have asked several even ACORN who passed what information I gave them on to the local boys - police who again told me unless it is a death threat they won't help with any sort of threats sent online - over internet. I'm stuck! Nobody who this woman has contacted behind back wants to tell me who the heck she is - no joke and the police refuse to help and being on a pension I am unable to afford a lawyer r and again Legal aid is not a option I can take. So what must I do and who must I see to get a subpoena sent to the website where the threat and scam was sent from to get the details I need in order to prove who this person is in order to get a intervention order taken out on this person to put a stop to them from contacting any one else known to me out in the public domain and online the internet and from driving by my house and parking near by obviously watching what I am doing and who I have contact with etc or getting others to do it for them?

    The threat/scam the person sent me is below. Again Trust me this threat/scam was not sent by a psychic. It was sent by the person causing me the grief that I have had no way up to date of putting a stop to. So what can I do and who can I speak to in order to get the help and investigation I need to find out who this person is please? Apologies for the book written above. Thank you.
  2. Ivy

    Ivy Well-Known Member

    10 February 2015
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    Hi there,

    Can you please describe the stalker/ harassment activity? Has someone sent you emails? Or contacted you via Facebook? An online chat room? What threats did they make?
    If you have evidence of stalking and harassment (e.g. emails, screen shots of online conversations) then you can take it to the police. Stalking and harassment is a criminal offence.
    And have you actually contacted Legal Aid or your local community legal centre to talk to them? Even if they won't represent you in a court case, they will still usually see people for an initial meeting and give you advice on what to do.
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