Safety in Remand Centre andPrison?

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5 May 2014
My 20 year old son is awaiting sentencing and pleaded guilty to things he is not completely responsible as he is taking the "rap" for his so called good mates who are running free. My son plead guilty to everything to get it over and finished with and is currently being held in an adult remand centre where mistaken identity has had him attacked in showers and his cell. Where are the security?

We all believe the best of the worst outcomes for him is to be sent to a Juvenile facility amongst other youth. However he could be sent to an adult prison after being in an Adult Remand Centre. He is currently awaiting a psych evaluation. Is there something under criminal law we can do to ensure his safety while in this adult remand centre and avoid an adult prison?
Fearful for his physical and mental safety.

Tim W

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28 April 2014
I don't mean to sound harsh, but your 20 year old son is an adult.
On that basis, if he receives a custodial sentence,
then he is far more likely to be sent to an adult gaol.

Even if he has not been represented in court so far,
it certainly sounds like he is somebody
who needs legal representation in respect of his sentence.
If he does not already have one, then I encourage you to arrange a lawyer for him as soon as possible.
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8 April 2014
I agree with Tim.
You can either engage a private law firm criminal lawyer or if you're unable to afford one, try Legal Aid in your State.