VIC power of attorney misuse

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5 December 2020
sister was dads poa and epoa, dad died 20/08/2015
sister took dad to hospital 31/07/15 dad went into palative care.
sister got dad moved from sunshine to werribee hospital 12/08/15
sister had sale of dads house ready day he was moved signed by dad 14/08/15
sister now tells family dads in hospital has 2 weeks to live 15/08/15
sister withdrew $17,000 from dads bank to pay for dads house. used poa 17/08/15
vcat sister lawyer said no poa or epoa was ever used.
they also said after dad died the house was a gift, nothing in the sales paper work for the house. they said dad said it a year before, they said there was a letter but we have never seen it. also this year for the ivo case at county court she said dad singed somthing the day he died so now there is to things dad wrote but we have not seen.
my sister was using ivo's on me as she was in charge of dads will and i was the only person in dads will because she said she brought and ownd dads house before he died.
iv got the house paper work, cheque signed by sister using poa taking $17,000 i can show this was paid to the sale of the house.


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27 May 2014
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