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"Power Is Power" is a song by American singer SZA, Canadian singer The Weeknd and American rapper Travis Scott. It was released on April 18, 2019, as a single from the Game of Thrones companion soundtrack, For the Throne. The song is the second of the two collaborative singles released by The Weeknd and Scott in 2019, being preceded by "Wake Up".

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    NSW Prescribed forms for power of attorney

    Prescribed forms for power of attorney are given in the regulation, even including broken website links. How closely must the prescribed form be followed? For example, can background information, notes for completion, and unused options be omitted? Is it reasonable to add an endorsement to the...
  2. S

    WA No Power At Property

    Hi, I currently don’t have electricity at my property. I have paid my electricity bill. The strata company removed the power board for my unit after the power didn’t turn back on after a power outage in every unit. I cannot afford to have it looked at and the electrician that the strata company...
  3. L

    VIC Power of an apellant court to interfere with finding of facts by a lower court

    Can an appellant court reject the finding of facts by a lower court judge? A lower court made two alternate findings (A and B) in a civil case. Can the appellant court has the power to say that one finding of facts applied to the finding of A can't be applied to B because these two are...
  4. N

    VIC DFFH power to remove a child from home

    Where is the provision in the Children, Youth and Families Act that grants the power to DFFH (DHHS) to remove children?
  5. D

    SA What does it mean to have power to determine if money is treated as capital or net income?

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and would like to say hello first, and follow up with a couple questions (of which I have a few) relating to my family trust. I would like to get a better understanding of concepts and clauses and laws etc relating to the trust deed before I engage my accountant...
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    VIC power of attorney misuse

    sister was dads poa and epoa, dad died 20/08/2015 sister took dad to hospital 31/07/15 dad went into palative care. sister got dad moved from sunshine to werribee hospital 12/08/15 sister had sale of dads house ready day he was moved signed by dad 14/08/15 sister now tells family dads in...
  7. R

    US Company Legal Power to AU Consumer

    I have an outstanding balanced of $80 owed to a US based hosting company for unpaid fees. I chose not to pay them due to incredibly poor customer service and general frustration with working with the company. They work on a monthly post pay system and the amount has been owed since February...
  8. M

    Power of Attorney issue

    I am having a power of attorney drawn up with my wife given the primary power of attorney and my 2 sons given power of attorney if she cannot act as attorney. The draft POA states that 1) I authorise my attorney to confer benefits on the attorney to meet their reasonable living and medical...
  9. B

    QLD Power of attorney question

    Can a registered power or attorney be written to benefit the attorney. My partner was tricked into signing a power of attorney in 2007 with her then husband. With the form the ex husband wrote under the terms that he had the right to sell land and receive the funds for himself. I read that...
  10. N

    QLD Power of Attorney vs Statutory Health Attorney

    Hi, In QLD a spouse is automatically given the role of a Statutory Health Attorney. If I nominate someone else to be my enduring personal attorney, would that remove my spouse as an attorney for health matter? Thanks Long