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The Attorney (Korean: 변호인; RR: Byeonhoin) is a 2013 South Korean courtroom drama film directed and co-written by Yang Woo-suk in his directorial debut. With 11,375,954 tickets sold and a revenue of ₩82.9 billion, The Attorney became the 8th best-selling Korean film of all time, and the second highest-grossing Korean film of 2013.It was inspired by the real-life "Burim case" of 1981, when during the authoritarian Chun Doo-hwan regime, 22 students, teachers and office workers who belonged to a book club were arrested without warrants on fabricated charges that they were North Korea sympathizers. Roh Moo-hyun, then a tax lawyer from Busan, formed a legal team with his allies, including Moon Jae-in and Kim Kwang-il, to defend the arrested individuals against the government. After the case, Roh became an influential human rights lawyer throughout the 1980s; he later entered politics and became the 16th president of South Korea. Later, Moon Jae-in also became the 19th president of South Korea.

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  1. S

    QLD Power of attorney to sign house transfer?

    I am overseas at the moment and need to sign the property house transfer for a sale of my parents house which I am on the deed for. Can I get a POA and how long will it take?
  2. N

    NSW Prescribed forms for power of attorney

    Prescribed forms for power of attorney are given in the regulation, even including broken website links. How closely must the prescribed form be followed? For example, can background information, notes for completion, and unused options be omitted? Is it reasonable to add an endorsement to the...
  3. J

    choose a patent attorney

    How do I choose a patent attorney?
  4. D

    VIC power of attorney misuse

    sister was dads poa and epoa, dad died 20/08/2015 sister took dad to hospital 31/07/15 dad went into palative care. sister got dad moved from sunshine to werribee hospital 12/08/15 sister had sale of dads house ready day he was moved signed by dad 14/08/15 sister now tells family dads in...
  5. Mrsiddle99

    VIC Multiple powers of SAME attorney

    my uncle recently drafted a power of attorney ( who is mentally capable) to a family member A who he confides in and trusts. Hoever he is under a carer (separate family member B) and most likely to make another same one with that person due to fear of not being cared and not telling person B...
  6. N

    NSW Executor / Estate Attorney Demanding Beneficiaries Sign Statutory Declarations in order to Receive their Distributions from Estate

    I am one of ten (10) beneficiaries of a Will in equal shares. The estate is all cash. I have been asked to sign a Statutory Declaration that includes provisions regarding a) not being an undischarged bankrupt, b) I have not pledged estate assets to secure a debt and also c) to indemnify the...
  7. M

    Power of Attorney issue

    I am having a power of attorney drawn up with my wife given the primary power of attorney and my 2 sons given power of attorney if she cannot act as attorney. The draft POA states that 1) I authorise my attorney to confer benefits on the attorney to meet their reasonable living and medical...
  8. B

    QLD Power of attorney question

    Can a registered power or attorney be written to benefit the attorney. My partner was tricked into signing a power of attorney in 2007 with her then husband. With the form the ex husband wrote under the terms that he had the right to sell land and receive the funds for himself. I read that...
  9. N

    QLD Power of Attorney vs Statutory Health Attorney

    Hi, In QLD a spouse is automatically given the role of a Statutory Health Attorney. If I nominate someone else to be my enduring personal attorney, would that remove my spouse as an attorney for health matter? Thanks Long
  10. D

    VIC House Dispute & Power of Attorney

    Hi I have POA and been put into very bad situation. Mother separated, left house 4 years ago and divorce granted by court today as she has been delaying but did not follow through with Response to Divorce. I understand 1 month to wait for finalising. This afternoon she went to house and change...