QLD mother closing childs claim without me knowing

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28 October 2020
20 years ago my 2 sons were in a motor vehicle accident, hit by a car on a crossing, 3 yrs and 6 months old, in a pram and walking next to pram, wife at the time not hit.
My oldest boys claim was finalised when i was still with the mother.
My second sons claim i have just found out has been finalised by the mother.
I had not been told.

I had asked regurlarly for updates and every time she woud say a lawyer is going to contact me, right up until a week ago.

I dropped my youngest off to her house and seen a brand new 60k caravan out the front

I called the lawyer frim and they told me the mother has the file and its closed.

Should i have been told about this?
I am concerned the mother is spending his money, as her family has a history of ripping each other off.

Can anyone help please??