QLD 50/50 shared care, child not attending school often in mother's care

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7 October 2017
Hi Sammy, I've looked into parallel parenting and I think we are basically already parenting in this way. We have previously asked the mother to communicate via an app and sent her the request as we liked the idea of using it to communicate, but she refused. If you're meaning its best to accept she just will not follow the orders, that's really frustrating, but I see your point that she is running rings purposefully and we are biting.
We have been focusing on the positives since Friday. Since my partner threatened court the child has been going to school more often than last year (still time off but an improvement), he has been given his own room (not sleeping in her room/her bed with her partner), the mother is even toilet training finally and agreed to speak to the child's pediatrician with us as we are concerned her putting nappies on the 7 year old is confusing him (hasn't worn nappies in a long time in our care and been fully trained and she's aware of this) and last week was the first week the child wasn't made to wear a nappy. These are all really big positives for the child and his development we feel, so i guess in that way it's worth the mother taking her frustration out on my partner if it means the child is reaping the benefits. We just need to remember this!


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9 May 2021
Hi Rosscoe, thank you for your reply. Yes we will be having another meeting with the school before the end of term to discuss the matter again. Unfortunately it has been our experience that they do not like to get involved too much but hopefully if we advise we are considering going back to court in the future they might be more forthcoming?

Unfortunately the mother completely depends on the child for her happiness. The child currently sleeps in the same room as the mother and her partner when in her care, at the start of the year it was in the same bed and so my partner offered to buy the child a bed. The mother of course denied that the child was sleeping in her bed but the child has no reason to make it up and still continues to ask to sleep in our bed regularly. The mother is also keeping the child in nappies at night time even though he is fully trained in our care (he is 7 years of age). She did this with day time nappies also and only stopped when we advised we were applying for court orders in 2017. It is almost as if she wants the child to stay a baby and be dependent on her, but of course we can not prove that.

I am wondering if anyone is aware if we will we need to go through the mediation path and request a 60i certificate to apply for a contravention order? The child hasn't attended school again today. Mother is stating child came home from school unwell on Friday, however his school records show she came into the school to collect him at 10am last Friday (she was not called in due to him being unwell). We will make sure to document all SMS messages from the mother like we did for the last court case. Including a SMS message a few months ago where my partner questioned why the child hadn't been attending school and she replied that she gives him the option to attend (he was 6 at the time).
Hi, I am following. If you can keep update the situation that would be very helpful for me. We have similar situation. My stepsons mother crying through call to make child felt sad while he was in our carer. Now we have court order said change over location is at school on Friday after school. Now mother claim child is sick and not attend to school in order to interfere change over and child told us he not go to school for three days. When we picked him up you can tell he is not sick at all. Game game game...never end