NSW Life ruined by incorrect medical records

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24 April 2021
As a result of a claim for compensation I discovered my medical records contain completely erroneous entries and information. It seems that someone else's information has been entered by mistake. The file claims I have a criminal record, I've assaulted police and medical staff, I have all these psychological problems including delusions, paranoia, hearing voices, and that I'm considered dangerous and to alert security whenever I enter medical premises.

All this material was used by a psychiatrist paid by the insurance company to write a medicolegal report and then submitted as "evidence". My claim was denied as there was a "demonstrated" history of pyschiatric illness, including delusions, paranoia, dishonesty, and a police "record".

Some of the diagnosis were made when I wasn't even in the same city and so couldn't have occurred. My employment also required a clean police record and working with children check and these have always came out clean until this appeared. I've lost my employment because I'm accused of providing fake documents with the psychiatric report being the "proof".

I've complained to the medical regulator who just said it was the opinion of the doctors and nurses who "treated" me and therefore legally can't be changed or removed.

I've tried to find a solicitor to help me but they all deal with accidents or "things like that" and not incorrect medical records. Apparently it's not considered medical negligence. What sort of solicitor am I looking for?


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27 May 2014
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