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Verve Records, also known as The Verve Music Group, founded in 1956 by Norman Granz, is home to the world's largest jazz catalogue and includes recordings by artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Stan Getz, Bill Evans and Billie Holiday, among others. It absorbed the catalogues of Granz's earlier labels, Clef Records, founded in 1946, Norgran Records, founded in 1953, and material previously licensed to Mercury Records.Verve also served as the original home of rock music acts such as The Velvet Underground, Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention. The restructured Verve Records is now part of the Verve Label Group, which is owned by Universal Music Group. This company is also home to historic imprints including Verve Forecast, Impulse and Decca Records.

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  1. K

    QLD Subpoena phone records

    To whom it may concern or whom may be able to assist myself in FCFCOA. I am self represented women whom is seeking advice on whether or not phone records can be subpoenaed? I have a cover letter prepared to show the relevance, of which there definitely is. I understand the process and have...
  2. A

    NSW Can police records be corrected?

    The police have referenced me as a person of interest in regard to a local neighbourhood dispute. It was unrelated to me and the result of a malicious claim by a neighbour. I'm able to show it isn't true. However the police refuse to remove the record from my file on the basis it expressed the...
  3. J

    NSW Can party to a proceeding access your Centrelink and medical records

    Can party to a proceeding access your Centrelink and medical records?
  4. J

    NSW Right of criminal records of witnesses for accused

    What is the current position on this? Should you be given access?
  5. A

    NSW Life ruined by incorrect medical records

    As a result of a claim for compensation I discovered my medical records contain completely erroneous entries and information. It seems that someone else's information has been entered by mistake. The file claims I have a criminal record, I've assaulted police and medical staff, I have all these...
  6. T

    VIC Phone records

    I have been separated for over twelve months And my ex wants to see my phone records Can he force me to produce them or get a court order
  7. J

    VIC Anshun estoppel is being used to dismiss Health Records Act claim that followed the Privacy Act claim, because they are too similar. VCAT s75.

    Hi everyone! Anshun estoppel precident is being used to dismiss Health Records Act claim that followed the Privacy Act claim, because they are too similar. VCAT s75 is in play. How do I respond to this? I have some ideas: I can show that the Health Records act is not the Privacy act and that...
  8. Kerri76

    QLD Past records

    The ex says if I get a dvo on him while we’re trying to work out parenting plans or before it goes to court(if it does) that the judge won’t believe me and x says he’ll say it’s only because of custody that I’m applying and that it’s all false. Does the judge get to see our criminal records etc...
  9. P

    VIC Can you subpoena another person's mobile phone records?

    Hi, We recently lost a case in court and found out later that the chief judge had links to the respondents and our expert witness. Can I subpoena mobile phone records to prove they contacted each other?
  10. V

    QLD Subpoena phone records

    Hi, I am seeking advice on how to subpoena Telesta, vodaphone and Optus. Do I need to subpoena them separately or can they be subpoena under a teleco banner with someone else. Does anybody know there details and conduct money etc. I also need I to post a cover letter as to why I need these...