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28 October 2020
Hi. I got told to attend Bendigo Magistrate court 2 days ago at 11.30. On arrival at 11.05 the clerk told me to have my phone ready as it would be heard at 12.00. I told him I had evidence that on the day i was pulled over i had only accumulated 10 demerit points and was pleading not guilty. He said he would photocopy some pages and pass them on. My phone rang approx 11.25 with supposively the magistrate and a prosecutor. No names were given to me. I asked them if they had the copies of everything i had from vicroads stating that on that day i had accumulated 10 demerit points (4 different letters from vicroads plus a full drivers and demerit points report that i paid for) they said yes. I asked if they could see that date and add the points up and it equals 10 demerits. The prosecutor quickly said thats not what our records say and i said well theres obviously a problem there and ive been told i go by what vicroads say. I said you can also see that my car had been impounded for 30 days and cost me $1300 to get it out and it shouldnt of been even if i was driving whilst suspended in which i was not. There was no hooning. And i had never before been caught driving whilst suspended. So if im not guilty how do i get my $1300 back. Magistrate said, What do you want me to do about it. I said get it back for me as ive been through all this for no reason. He said i cant do that. I said well who can. He said ring the police. Wtf. He then said he would adjourn this case until 1st Feb next year and for me to ring the police and ask for prossecutions then tell them my court day has been adjourned and that i need a email address to send all my documents to. And that was my case over and hung up. Why should i do all this when they now know i wasnt lying to the cop who charged me for driving while suspended when i told him i had a letter sent a week ago from vic roads saying i had accumulated 10 points. . To me I drove 70 kms to my local court and spent alot of time getting all the files together not to mention when i finally got the 2 extra demerit points 14 months later i was suspended for another 3 months for the same points ( it was 6 months back then).Corrupt wanks. Couldnt lie straight in bed.
They could of just admitted there was a stuff up and dismissed the case but no. Im sure they have me flagged on their system as i have been told on 3 sepperate occassions that im in that bottom corner. I will tell them that i know this when i finally have my day in court.
Is there anything i can do about all this. Complaint or Ombudsman or just a waste of time. Maybe i try and save 10 grand and get B. Balmer to represent me in court. It would be worth it to see the look on the magistrates face when he sees him.


Well-Known Member
10 February 2015
Don't need a lawyer. Ask for a Summary Case Conference with the prosecutors on the next court date. Give them the letters etc. you have, if they accept same will most likely resolve on that day. Get an extract from the court when charges withdrawn showing same, then contact the Police and ask to be re-imbursed for the towing costs as charges dismissed for the reason it was towed.