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The Melbourne Magistrates' Court is the largest venue at which the Magistrates' Court of Victoria sits. It is a court in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia that deals with, and dispenses of, a range of criminal and civil matters, including criminal prosecutions, money claims and disputes up to $100,000, and family violence and family law proceedings.

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    VIC Advised of Incorrect Jurisdiction - Grounds for Dismissing Speeding Fines?

    I am contesting a speeding fine and went to court yesterday for the first mention. After a case conference where the cop basically told me I was wasting my time, I said I wanted to take it to a hearing. As the clerk could only organize an adjournment for another mention, I went back to the...
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    VIC Intervention Order - Melbourne Magistrates Court and Victoria Police

    Yesterday, I took an Intervention Order on a neighbour (of shared house). The Melbourne Magistrates Court told the criminal he is not to go into the kitchen when I'm in there, he must wait until I'm gone. This goes for any communal room, the judge said. This was also printed on his Intervention...
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    VIC Upcoming Melbourne Magistrates Court Case - How to Get More Information?

    I just found out my ex partner is facing court in july in the Melbourne Magistrates Court. I searched the daily hearing lists but it doesn't say much? is it possible to get some further detailed information on the upcoming case? I'm curious as to what charges he is facing.